The Force Is with Zazzle’s Line of Star Wars Products

Zazzle makes a variety of products from mousepads to cases, mugs, and more. You can design your own, or you can look to one of their licensed product lines. We had the chance to check out some of their Star Wars merchandise, and if you’ve got some Force fanatics on your holiday list, you definitely need to head to Zazzle!

We took a look at three items from the Zazzle Star Wars line: a mousepad, a planner, and a phone case. All three featured excellent printing-the graphics are clear, clean, and look great. The underlying products are also high quality, which means these aren’t just novelty gimmicks!

The Force Is with Zazzle's Line of Star Wars Products

There’s not a lot to say about a mousepad. It’s a piece of rubber with a cloth top, and the mouse moves nicely across it. I will say this, the Zazzle mousepad is thick, which makes it a little more comfortable compared to the old thin one I was using at my office. The graphic is clean and well printed, and it has an awesome retro style to it that I like quite a bit. I also like that it’s black and the colors are relatively neutral in appearance-if someone glances at my desk they might not twig to the Star Wars theme, which means I can use it in my relatively conservative office. It’s funky, too, and it adds a bit of personality to my otherwise boring office. It also doesn’t slide around on my desk and makes my mouse more accurate, so it’s a win for both style and substance! At only $12.25, it’s an affordable way to be more fun with an office desk staple.

The Force Is with Zazzle's Line of Star Wars Products

Some people keep their entire planner on their phones, but there are plenty who still like a written copy. Paper planners don’t become obsolete with software updates, and they don’t run out of batteries right when you need to remember someone’s birthday. Zazzle has you covered there too. They sent us a paper planner to check out with a cool typography Millennium Falcon adorning the cover (and they thoughtfully customized it with my name). I’m deeply afflicted with awful handwriting, but I do believe strongly in a paper planner for workout logs, so I’ll definitely be getting good use out of it and be the coolest geek in the gym. If you’re the type to use a planner for more than just workouts, the planner itself offers a variety of ways to organize yourself, from stickers to templates. If you or someone you know needs a planner with some personality, the Zazzle ones start at $27.90.

The Force Is with Zazzle's Line of Star Wars Products

Finally, Zazzle sent along their Barely There iPhone case, with the same typography Millennium Falcon. The graphic is sharp and there’s some continuity to the design as the stars wrap around the sides of the case as well, which is cool. The case lives up to the promise of being barely there, with a thin design that hugs the phone close but only just covers the corners-the top and bottom are exposed, so be aware that this probably isn’t the case to use if your phone doubles as a rugby ball (though if you are using your phone as a ball, I have A LOT of questions.) Despite the thinness, the case is remarkably tough-I dropped my phone 2-3 times from waist height without any damage. There’s a bit of overlap above the screen so there’s a bit of lay on the table protection, plus the case curves up around the corners. There’s also a rectangle of rubber inside the case that presumably acts as a bit of a shock absorber without adding bulk. The cutouts are precise, and the fit on my iPhone 8+ was impeccable. These start at $33.50 for the thinnest cases, though there are rugged versions that are as much as $44. Not a bad price range for phone protection with a bit of personality!

This is only a small sampling of the many Zazzle+Star Wars products, so be sure to browse their website for the full line. They’ve got a huge range of retro and new looking designs, so you’re bound to find something for you and the Star Wars fans in your life!

Source: Manufacturer provided review samples

What I Like: Sharp graphics; products were high quality; lots of design options

What Needs Improvement: No guarantees you won’t be judged for rocking too much Star Wars gear

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