Nomad is Ready for Your Next Trip, Thanks to Their New Traditional Passport Wallet with Tile Tracking

We reviewed Nomad’s leather wallet with Tile tracking some time ago. (Read our review.) Now they have announced their new Nomad Traditional Passport Wallet with Tile Tracking. Made with the same Horween leather we’ve seen in many of Nomad’s other products; its thoughtful design looks great, while the built-in Tile tracker means you’ll keep track of your valuable travel documents.

The Passport Wallet is designed to be with you for your next trip and on dozens of trips from now. It holds a passport ten cards and, of course, a Tile Slim tracker.

The Passport Wallet is 12.6cm wide, 17.7cm tall, and 2.4cm thick.


Constructed from Horween leather, it looks fantastic out of the box and, over time, develops a beautiful patina that makes it uniquely yours. I have several Nomad products that use their Horween leather, and I love the way it softens and develops a unique look over time.


The Passport Wallet has a hidden sleeve that holds a Tile Slim tracker. Of course, Nomad includes a Tile Slim in the box! I use Tiles with my keys, my backpacks, and laptop bags, and more. I’m a fan and Nomad does a great job explaining why when they write,

The integrated Tile Slim uses advanced Bluetooth and crowdsourcing location technology to help you keep track of your wallet so that you never lose it.

Tile trackers are great, but be warned- once you get your first one, you will end up wanting to purchase them for your keys, your briefcase, etc. it can get a bit costly, but knowing where your stuff is can become addictive.

By including a Tile Slim with the Passport Wallet, Nomad made the $99.95 price of the wallet more palatable. After all, the current Tile Slim (this is an update to the previous model) costs $29.99 on its own. It can be expected to last about a year, and then you will have to use the company’s ReTile program to purchase a new one at a discount. Tile now offers several Tiles with user-replicable batteries, but the Tile Slim is too thin and is still a disposable product.

Of course, the Passport Wallet has a slot for your passport. (duh!?) It also has a quick access pocket for boarding passes and five card slots, two of which are larger slots for cash. That means while the Passport Wallet is intended for travel, you can also use it as your daily driver. For good measure, it even has a hidden pocket for storing your SIM card if you tend to swap SIMs when you travel. (I prefer to give AT&T a few extra dollars a day and continue to use my primary phone.)

The wallet can hold up to ten cards and additional cash, but Nomad suggests carrying just five cards if you are using the wallet regularly.

Nomad says the Passport Wallet was “designed to be the only passport wallet you’ll ever need.” Knowing the quality materials and craftsmanship Nomad puts into all their products, I’m confident they are correct. The leather of the Passport Wallet will get broken in, but it will serve you well for years of travel to come.

Features Include:

  • Integrated Tile Tracking: The Tile app enables you to pinpoint your passport wallet’s location at all times. Activate once for approximately one year of sustained tracking, and use the Tile Community to crowdsource the discovery if your wallet is lost.
  • Organized Travel: We designed a Traditional Passport Wallet to comfortably fit everything a standard wallet would – plus travel documents and a Passport. With five card slots and two cash slots, this is meant to be the only wallet you need on an international trip.
  • Horween Leather: We set ourselves apart by meticulously selecting premium materials to complement your most essential accessories. We source this leather from the renowned Horween Leather Co. of Chicago, one of America’s oldest tanneries. Over time, this raw, vegetable-tanned leather develops a patina, creating a handsome, rich character unique to you.
  • Premium Construction: Traditional Passport wallet is only slightly bigger than a passport and features a full leather construction reinforced with durable polyester stitching. Pockets lined with soft microfiber allow for easy removal of your passport during travel.
  • Stealth Storage: The Tile Slim tracking device is securely concealed in a form-fitting pocket designed to mask the Tile’s iconic shape without cutting into the wallet’s storage space. Two low-profile cutouts hold your SIM card and removal tool for international travel.

The new Nomad Passport Wallet is available now for $99.99. Check it, and Nomad’s other great products, out here.


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