Nanoleaf Skylight Pre-Orders Open and 4 Other New Lighting Solutions Announced to Transform Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Nanoleaf is adding new products to its line-up, promising enhanced color and lighting experiences for indoor and outdoor spaces. They’ve just announced Orchestrator software, Essentials Matter Smart Multicolor Lightstrip (for indoor use), Outdoor String Lights, and Permanent Outdoor Lights. Additionally, Nanoleaf is finally opening pre-orders for the much-anticipated Nanoleaf Skylight Modular Ceiling Light!

The Nanoleaf Orchestrator software stands out by offering a novel music visual experience. Unlike typical music visualizers, Orchestrator directly connects with a computer’s sound source, providing accurate real-time audiovisual responses to beats, melodies, and audio spectrums. With it, you’ll get dynamic light shows perfectly synchronized and designed for your personal playlists and favorite songs.

Expected to release in Spring 2024, Nanoleaf Orchestrator works with any music streaming platform or audio player and offers customizable light shows.

Expanding its Essentials Matter line, Nanoleaf is introducing three new smart outdoor lights compatible with Matter: a Smart Multicolor Lightstrip for indoor use, Smart Multicolor Outdoor String Lights, and Smart Multicolor Permanent Outdoor Lights.

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These Essentials Matter device additions mark Nanoleaf’s entry into outdoor lighting, bringing dynamic gradients and warm ambiance to exterior spaces; they will be released in Spring 2024 and will integrate seamlessly with your existing Nanoleaf products.

Skylight, Nanoleaf’s innovative modular ceiling light, is now available for pre-order. Introduced at CES 2023, Skylight boasts a flush-mounted modular square design, allowing users to customize their ceiling lights with up to 100 squares.

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The Nanoleaf Skylight Modular Ceiling Light transforms traditional ceiling lighting into a creative and functional experience with features such as adjustable colors, scenes, and smart controls. The product is priced at $249.99 for the Smarter Kit (3 pieces) and $69.99 for Expansion Packs (1 piece), with shipments expected to begin in late January 2024.

You can learn more and pre-order the Nanoleaf Skylight by clicking here.

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