Tile Partners with HP to Make Laptops Findable

Tile is the World’s leading smart location company, known for its products that notify users when they leave items like their keys or wallets in specific locations. Just announced at CES, a new partnership with HP might make an expensive device that we all carry easier to keep track of and find.

Tile Partners with HP to Make Laptops Findable

Starting as soon as this quarter, a collaboration with HP will feature Tile’s finding technology as an option on products like their HP Elite Dragonfly, allowing users to use their Tile app to look for their misplaced laptops, view the last place it was seen, and activate Tile’s finding network for assistance in getting it back in your hands. What’s more, this innovative feature works even when its offline or powered off, which can help in the case the laptop is stolen and conveniently powered down by the thief.

“This announcement with HP comes at a time when Tile is rapidly expanding our embedded business,” said CJ Prober, CEO of Tile. “We are pleased to innovate alongside industry leaders to make valuable, everyday devices like laptops findable.”

Tile Partners with HP to Make Laptops Findable

The integration is made possible by a new Tile app built into the laptop and the Tile mobile app. Tile already gives everything the power of smart location with the brand locating over six million unique items every day; I’m excited to check out what Tile and HP have in store starting with the HP Elite Dragonfly later this quarter.

For more information on what Tile and HP have in store, head to this site today.

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