AUSOUNDS New Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Have Over 24 Hours of Battery Life

AUSOUNDS became a brand that I enjoy using after their August 2019 launch, and they seem to be set on delivering quality products at a rapid pace. And what better stage to showcase your audio solutions than at CES 2020?

That’s exactly what the company did by launching the next two products from their AU-collection, the AU-X ANC Soundproof Noise Cancelling Planar Over-Ear Headphones, and the AU-Stream Hybrid True Wireless Soundproof Noise Cancelling Earbuds.

The AU-X ANC features a 54mm AU-Planar Driver for a wide soundstage. They have an 800mAh battery capacity, which is enough for 25 hours of playback time, as well as touch control technology. With Bluetooth 5.0 and an auxiliary output, the AU-X ANC features an audio signature designed for music enthusiasts to use in any environment. These are easily going to be your best bet for that public transit commute or that flight out often.

The AU-Stream Hybrid is engineered with titanium speaker drivers that create a soundstage that as of today haven’t been matched by other truly wireless earbuds. The AU-Stream Hybrid seemingly can reduce the ambient noise in your surroundings, similar to how the AU-Flex ANC’s can without the neckband. Even with Active Noice Cancellation on, your audio isn’t diminished, still providing you detailed sound for everything from streaming music, podcasts or that casual Netflix binge. Did I mention they offer a 24-hour total battery life, with a 14.5 hour total battery life when ANC is turned on? Active Noise Cancellation tends to eat up at battery life when enabled although it gives you a more closed off listening experience; the option is great for those on a long trip or those who just want to isolate themselves from the noises surrounding them.

“Our mission for our customers is to create balanced audio, with the ANC on or off,” stated Marcus Sanchez, CMO of Ausounds. “We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice audio quality for ambient noise reduction, and we believe we’ve done that again in a unique true wireless earbud.”

The AU-X ANC Soundproof Noise Cancelling Planar Over-Ear Headphones will ship in March 2020 and the AU-Stream Hybrid True Wireless Soundproof Noise Cancelling Earbuds will ship in February 2020. For more information, visit today.

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