ChiliBLANKET Is the Weighted Blanket You Thought You Were Getting on Black Friday

After Reviewing the Chili Ooler Sleep System back in 2019, one thing I didn’t think I needed until the company made their announcement at CES would be a weighted blanket. The makers of world-class sleep improvement products has announced their chiliBLANKET, and here’s why it should be on your 2020 list of things to anticipate.

ChiliBLANKET Is the Weighted Blanket You Thought You Were Getting on Black Friday

The chiliBLANKET isn’t that cheap weighted plastic bead blanket you purchased on Black Friday as a White Elephant gift that you didn’t know exactly who might be receiving. Most blankets like these tend to increase your body temperature because of their obvious weight but specifically the fabrics being used, but the chiliBLANKET’s hydro-technology offers a Low EMF which, when compared to typical electric heating blankets offer a temperature-controlled comfort that gives an even distribution of both weight and fabric. Inside of the blanket are premium glass beads that have a soft soothing feel to them, that won’t irritate you over time. One additional bonus is that the chiliBLANKET has a removable cover that can be tossed in the wash, which is great for children or an accidental spill.

Retailing at $299 for the blanket itself or $499 for the Blanket and the chiliPAD control unit, you can find more information on Chili’s website today.

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