Breville Bakery Chef Standing Mixer Will Bring Delight to Everyone, Not Just Bakers

If you are a fan of baking, or just someone who enjoys to cook and meal prep without making an absolute mess, the Breville Bakery Chef has everything you could possibly want, and more.

Breville Bakery Chef Standing Mixer Will Bring Delight to Everyone, Not Just Bakers

Breville is already known for their kitchen appliances from countertop ovens, Nespresso machines and more, but their Bakery Chef Standing Mixer has been a welcome addition to my home, especially someone who isn’t known for baking much. Regardless if you plan on making bread, cookies or cakes, the standing mixer by Breville makes it more convenient to whip up ingredients that will later result in your favorite snacks or desserts. Unlike other standing mixers, the Breville Standing Mixer features 360-degree bowl coverage so you won’t have to inevitably have to use an alternative spoon to scrape what’s left on the sides off the bowl. Here are some specs on the Breville Bakery Chef:

Accessories Included Accessories: Scraper Beater. Standard Flat Beater. Dough Hook. Wire Whisk. Splash Guard. Pouring Shield. Spatula.

Capacity Bowl Capacity: 5Qt Borosilicate Glass Bowl. 4Qt Stainless Steel Bowl.

Construction Materials Die Cast Metal Mixer Body. 5Qt Borosilicate Glass Bowl. 4Qt Stainless Steel Bowl.

Dimensions 8.5 x 15.8″ x 14″.

LED Display Counts up when mixing starts, or use the arrow buttons to set timer to count down.

Load Sensing Technology Detects when heavy doughs and batters are being mixed and automatically adjust the power to maintain the selected speed.

Pause Button Rotate dial to PAUSE to temporarily stop mixing.

Power 550 Watts.

Settings 12 Intuitive speeds settings from kneading to whipping.

Voltage 110–120 Volts.

Warranty 1 Year Repair with 5 Year Motor Warranty

Breville Bakery Chef Standing Mixer Will Bring Delight to Everyone, Not Just Bakers

In the two months that I’ve had my Breville standing mixer, aside from family and friends jealous of mine looking better than theirs with it’s brushed aluminum, they’ve enjoyed the ending products that come from it. With its five-quart capacity, I’ve been able to make about two dozen deviled eggs, and up to a dozen cookies thanks to its wide bowls that come included. It’s very sturdy as well, and what I love the most about the Bakery Chef is hands down the scraper beater. The Breville is surprisingly fast, boasting a 550-watt motor that allows mixing that much faster, even with the scraper beater. There’s an integrated timer, so you can literally set a time that you want your mixer to automatically turn itself off. And using the included splash guard and pouring shield, you never have to worry about your kitchen being plastered with debris coming from the mixer, as well as making sure items do not pour out the sides when transferring.

Since my wife lives with Type 1 Diabetes, atop of me eating a bit healthier in light of beach season, we do not do much baking, but trust me, there are so many other uses to our standing mixer that are just as great. For my chicken salad, I’ve used the mixer to shred my chicken thighs instead of physically forking my chicken to get the shreds. I haven’t tried carnitas just yet for tacos, but I intend on doing that closer to summer. Speaking of summer, the Breville seems to be a great way to mix up ingredients, which I fully intend on using for cheeseburgers to grill out. And don’t worry about hand-washing as all the accessories are dishwasher safe, and the unit itself is okay to give a wipe down with a moist towel.

Breville Bakery Chef Standing Mixer Will Bring Delight to Everyone, Not Just Bakers

One issue I had a bit of trouble with was the fact that it’s really hard to change the attachments without physically lifting the mixer which can be a bit cumbersome if you have smaller counter space. Doing this might result in you having to physically remove the bowl from the mixer completely in order for it to get done. Now as this is my first mixer, I was a bit annoyed but have since gotten used to it, but I’m sure for someone who uses a standing mixer often this might just be the usual.

Breville Bakery Chef Standing Mixer Will Bring Delight to Everyone, Not Just Bakers

While I will be updating this review again in the summer as I’ll do a bit more baking, I can truthfully say that the Breville Standing Mixer had made shredding foods easier, and even mixing the egg/mustard/mayo mixture I use for my deviled eggs that much easier.

The Breville Bakery Chef Standing Mixer is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers including Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Looks phenomenal with any decor; the side scraper reaches more surface in the bowl, perfect for mixing anything on both sides

What Needs Improvement: Without the pour shield, it’s pretty hard to add ingredients into your mix

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