Neato D7 Connected Is an Improvement from the D6, Especially If You Have Pets

Having recently reviewed the D6 Robot Vac by Neato, I already knew what to expect from their products, but boy was I in for a treat when I received the Neato Botvac D7 Connected. Not only was I amazed by its ability to navigate my home, but even more by how more refined this particular model truly was.

Neato D7 Connected Is an Improvement from the D6, Especially If You Have Pets

At $829, it’s certainly not the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner on the market, but using it for the past few months, it’s certainly one of the more efficient ones, and I’ve reviewed several. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk specs:

What’s in the D7 box?

Neato Botvac D7 Connected robot vacuum

Charge Base

Power Cord

Spiral Combo Brush

Ultra Performance Filter

Brush and Filter Cleaning Tool

Boundary Markers (2M)

D7 Robot Vacuum Dimensions

13.21 inch x 12.56 inch x 3.92 inch

D7 Robot Vacuum Weight


D7 Robot Vacuum Brushes

Main brush: 11 inch spiral combo brush

Side brush included

D7 Robot Vacuum Dustbin Capacity

0.7 liters

D7 Robot Included Features

LaserSmart™ Mapping & Navigation

Ultra Performance Filter

Spiral Combo Brush for All Surface Types

D7 Robot Vacuum App Features

Coverage Map

Cleaning History

Multiple Floor Plan Mapping

No-Go Lines

Extra Care Navigation

Neato D7 Connected Is an Improvement from the D6, Especially If You Have Pets

The Neato D7 comes complete with Neato’s iconic D-shape that is designated to cover more corners in your home than the competition (and trust me it does). So what makes the D7 Connected any better than the D6 that I previously reviewed? Well in comparison, the Neato D7 is designed for cleaning your ENTIRE home, regardless of how many people or pets live there. In my testing, I’ve noticed that my D7 Connected has shown a bit more love for our dog, Sparky than even the D6. With the spring months here, that means shedding season for our pup, and trust me, even with darker floors, we notice, but there’s only so much our handheld vac can do.

With the D7 Connected we’ve been able to capture more of Sparky’s hair from under our furniture, stuck in crevices and corners of our home, and places you couldn’t imagine. The D7 Connected being more vacuum than broom, the brush system of the D7 allows it to add more suction to the unit which will alternatively pick up more hair that you’re standard vac. Aside from that it also picks up regular dust and debris that we would’ve otherwise missed.

Neato D7 Connected Is an Improvement from the D6, Especially If You Have Pets

Also though, the D7 Connected’s LaserSmart technology has the ability to easily navigate your place and combined with the no-go lines from within the Neato app, you can now tell the D7 to not go over to your bar stools and get stuck constantly. I noticed that it’s surprisingly good at cleaning my floors, even more, when I pre-vacuum using a hand vacuum. Remember, that the D7 is more meant as a backup to regularly cleaning your floors. So don’t buy into robot vacuums thinking as though they will clean everything without you lifting a finger.

Neato D7 Connected Is an Improvement from the D6, Especially If You Have Pets

Overall though, the D7 connected is much more refined than the D6, especially with its no-go lined technology. The Neato works fantastically in my home, and when paired with the Neato companion app, the ability to see the distance covered, where it’s done it’s strongest cleaning, down to its ability to be used with Alexa OR Google Assistant (yes, they BOTH work), you can now tell you Echo or Google Home (or even just your smartphones app) to clean your place, and it will do just that.

Update: At the point of this review posting, my mother has now confiscated my D7 Connected for her home and has the following thoughts:

  1. The “Robot” (as she puts it) does a good job going from carpet to kitchen, it picked up little things that were dropped with ease, especially under the countertop.
  2. I wish the storage for the debris had a larger chamber.
  3. Is there a functionality coming to the robot where it will mop items as well?
Neato D7 Connected Is an Improvement from the D6, Especially If You Have Pets

The Airedale terrier dog sleeping at the dog mate near by the sliding door in the country house’s living room, Pennsylvania, Poconos, USA

Coming from a mother who cleans her home frequently every Saturday morning, the robot vac seems to be a huge help for her throughout. I too am interested in knowing if Neato will come up with a method of mopping your floors and if it would make the next Neato bulkier or not. Because as of right now, it has the perfect footprint and works well. And who knows, I might have to buy myself the D7 Connected again!

For more information on purchasing a D& Connected for yourself, you can head over to today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: No-Go Lines is ingenious and help limit your D& from being stuck in tight spots

What Needs Improvement: It would be great if there were a mop feature in the future

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