Hyfit Gear 1 Aims to Bring Smart Workouts in a Compact Package

The current pandemic has upended just about everything we once considered “normal.” Gyms are off-limits, but working out is an excellent way to reduce anxiety. Like, say, the kind of anxiety you might feel about being in month 4 (4,000?) of a global pandemic. Hyfit Gear 1 aims to bring your workouts home, far away from sweaty people*.

Hyfit Gear 1 Aims to Bring Smart Workouts in a Compact Package

The Gear 1 is basically a set of resistance bands that got smart. Yes, the basic resistance band is a classic of bodyweight fitness, but Hyfit has taken the humble band and added accelerometers and Bluetooth. Add in the companion smartphone app for Android and iOS, and you get resistance bands that can tell your body tension and heart rate, making your workouts more efficient and customized to your goals. Each kit comes with wrist and ankle bands, a door anchor, handles, and a carry bag so that you can do just about any kind of workout with these. Hook it up to the door for a tension strap type workout, or loop it around your feet and wrists to give your squats some tension. The companion app also has a Coach that will help you choose your workouts based on what you’ve done and what the sensors have learned.

Hyfit Gear 1 Aims to Bring Smart Workouts in a Compact Package

This dude is 100% the fitness version of John Constantine from Legends of Tomorrow…it’s eerie.

At $299, this is a lot pricier than the cheap tension cords you can find on Amazon or in your local Target. On the other hand, anyone who maintains a home gym probably has a small box of those cheap cords shoved in a corner somewhere, because they seemed like an amazing idea but were hard to implement without guidance. Hyfit’s app and the smart sensors in the hardware are that guidance. Plus, you can toss these in a bag and take them to your local park if you want, or move around to different rooms in your house and pretend you’re visiting a gym…it’s a new one, just opened up, called “your spare bedroom.”

In all seriousness, for the price and the companion app, this is a decent deal and one to consider if you’re still nervous about the idea of hitting a gym right now. Not everyone has the space for the kind of equipment a full gym offers, but you don’t need a full gym to get a full-body workout. You also don’t need to drop thousands of dollars to work out at home, and if you like the idea of a compact workout with an app bossing you around, check out the Hyfit Gear 1!

*Sweaty people you don’t live with currently. They can’t do anything about perspiration-prone spouses or roommates.

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  1. I don’t typically leave reviews, but Hyfit is a terrible company. After giving them the strong benefit of the doubt, they seemed to take pleasure in providing a painful customer experience. After not communicating at all about a significant delay (multiple weeks) in shipping an order that was listed as “in stock”, they would not simply cover a return. It’s not surprising that this company is not doing well. If you value even the most basic customer service, go with one of the much better alternatives.

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