Trek Project One ICON ‘First Light’ Paint Scheme Featured in Tokyo Olympics

When I was a lad, we had one-speed bikes with banana seats* and sometimes big high backrests, like the kiddie version of Zed’s chopper, Grace,  that Butch makes off with in Pulp Fiction. Sure, there were 10-speeds and the standard 1-speeds that Schwinn was famous for. And…um…that was pretty much it. Not any longer, baby! Now you’ve got so many different types of bikes it makes my head spin! And now we have word that Trek has expanded its premium custom bike program, Project One ICON, with a brand-new paint scheme called “First Light.”

Trek Project One ICON 'First Light' Paint Scheme

It would be remiss of me not to point out that Trek has used a “paint scheme inspired by the land of the rising sun, with hand-painted ribbons of color in divine shades of blue, pink, gold, and red layered beneath a purple-tinted logo,” because, you know: Olympics.

Trek Project One ICON 'First Light' Paint Scheme

But seriously: These are pretty bikes. Even my son, a not-easily-impressed 20-something, said, “Wow, that’s cool looking” when he saw me sorting through the promo pictures. You can decide for yourself by looking at these snaps or wandering over to the site.

Trek Project One ICON 'First Light' Paint Scheme

Over 50 elite athletes will be racing Trek bicycles with these color schemes at the Olympics; in fact, you can easily catch sight of some of them in action in this video… they are pretty easy to spot!

Trek Project One isn’t just about pretty colors; the program gives riders the chance to customize every detail — including the paint — on their dream rides. When you move into Project One ICON, you’re looking at premium, bespoke paint schemes “filled with texture depth, and mood. Each ICON showcases a mastery of brush and paint and reflects the passion the most experienced Project One artists bring to their craft.”

This new Trek Project One ICON “First Light” color scheme is available on the Trek Madone SLR, Émonda SLR, and Supercaliber models through Trek’s global network of retail partners, as well as directly from the manufacturer. If you want to ride like an Olympian, here’s your chance!




* In case you were wondering, this is the type of childhood bike I was talking about. Ain’t she a beauty?

Vintage Bicycle with banana seat


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