Understands EVO 1: Elevate and Organize Your iMac with Gorgeous, Functional Wood

Understands EVO 1: Elevate and Organize Your iMac with Gorgeous, Functional Wood

The understands EVO 1 is a sustainable hardwood stand that elevates your iMac for an ergonomic viewing experience. With undermount technology built-in, your iMac integrates into the wooden stand for an uncluttered and organic effect; cable management and a storage drawer complete the custom organization. I like an uncluttered desktop, and I like the look of hardwood; this looks promising.

Each understands EVO 1 is made in the USA; each is also one-of-a-kind because it is made from sustainable urban hardwoods from Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. I was sent a walnut wood EVO 1 stand; ash stands are also available, but I was drawn to the idea of the darker wood because I pictured it contrasting nicely with my desk’s bamboo surface. While you can technically use the EVO 1 with any monitor, it is made to perfectly integrate with and hold the flat metal base of the Apple iMac.

So before I show you the EVO 1; here’s the “before” shot of my desk …

Understands EVO 1: Elevate and Organize Your iMac with Gorgeous, Functional Wood

Yeah, it’s pretty cluttered. 😛

The understands EVO 1 is securely shipped in recyclable cardboard. Because my EVO 1 came with a storage drawer, a strip of paper was wrapped around the stand to keep the drawer from sliding out prematurely.

Each EVO 1 comes with an iMac undermount and its own unique live edge, but you can also opt for a single drawer that comes complete with cable management. If you like a more unique and less symmetrical front edge style, you should check out all the different pieces in the EVO 1 Live Edge collection — especially the fancy-edged one-of-a-kind models

Understands EVO 1: Elevate and Organize Your iMac with Gorgeous, Functional Wood

My EVO 1 stand measures 18″ wide by 8.25″ deep by 3.6″ tall.

I love the light edge stripe on this otherwise dark-grained walnut stand; it gives my EVO 1 its own unique look.

Built under the top edge of the stand is a wooden drawer, perfect for holding all of my clutter.

Understands EVO 1: Elevate and Organize Your iMac with Gorgeous, Functional Wood

The drawer is made of birch plywood for extra strength and stability.

The drawer’s interior measures approximately 10.9″ wide by 6.5″ deep by 1.25″ tall. There are two thick felt-lined slots in the back of the drawer that can be used to guide cables inside; this turned out to be the perfect way for me tuck away and hide the SSD that I use for Time Machine backups.

Here’s the rear of the understands EVO 1, where the iMac stand tucks securely inside; if you don’t have an iMac, you can just place your monitor on top. It won’t give quite as clean of an end result, but it will still look great.

Here’s my desktop now. If I had the typical Apple Magic Keyboard, I would be able to tuck it between the EVO 1’s legs and under the drawer. But alas, I have the super-sized Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, so it has to sit in front — or on top of the shelf under my monitor if I need the space. Even so, it’s all very organized and aesthetically appealing; I love it.

Understands EVO 1: Elevate and Organize Your iMac with Gorgeous, Functional Wood

When I’m charging my iPhone, it lies on the large shelf under my iMac; my huge keyboard can also be stored there if I need it out of the way.

The understands EVO 1 has not only uncluttered my desktop, it has also raised my iMac to the perfect viewing position. The EVO 1 is functional, attractive, and unique; it integrates perfectly with my iMac while keeping the large monitor steady and secure. I love the look and the function; I think that you will, too.

The understands EVO 1 with drawer retails for $139, and it is available in Ash or Walnut directly from the manufacturer. Models without drawers start at $109.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Beautiful solid wood stands made of ash or walnut; Integrated iMac stand holder; Can order with or without a drawer that has integrated cable management; Each EVO 1 is slightly different, but if you want something really special you should check out some of the fancier Live Edge versions; Elevates your iMac for more ergonomic viewing; You can store the Apple Magic Keyboard under the stand

What Needs Improvement: Nothing — the EVO 1 is lovely, and it works perfectly

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