The Mophie Powerstation Plus Power Bank with Integrated Lighting Cable Is Perfect for iPhone Users

Mophie is well-known for their mobile phone battery cases, and while I don’t love the added bulk that style case adds, I do find myself needing a little extra juice now and then with no outlet in sight. The mophie powerstation plus is a well-designed mobile power bank that has an integrated Lightning cable.

The mophie powerstation plus is a portable power bank that has a built-in fast-charging Lighting cable that makes keeping your mobile phone topped up on the go a snap. It has a battery capacity of 6,000 mAh, which will give an iPhone Xs 32 hours of additional battery life, an iPad mini (5th gen) 8 hours, and an 11-inch iPad Pro 6 hours.

The powerstation plus also features power delivery charging, which means it optimizes the charging speed based on the device it’s charging. If charging the latest iPhones, the powerstation plus can deliver 18W of power, allowing you to recharge your phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes. You can also charge multiple phones at one time by using the integrated Lighting cable at the same time as another USB-A cable.

On the underside of the powerstation plus is a thoughtful cable management area, where the integrated Lightning cable tucked away underneath a magnetic cover, reminiscent of Apple’s magnetic iPad covers. It’s a soft surface that makes it feel higher-end than most power banks I’ve tested. There is a battery level indicator on the side of the power bank, along with a power button. When you click the power button, it’ll show you approximately how much juice your battery has left on a scale from 1-4 LED lights.

The powerstation plus charges via Lighting cable, which makes sense since if you’re buying a power bank with an integrated Lightning cable, you’re very likely an iPhone owner who has plenty of Lightning cables to go around. That said, the built-in Lighting cable and required Lightning cable to charge the power bank does limit the mophie powerstation plus to iPhone users only. Don’t fear; however, Android users, mophie does offer plenty of options for Android users as well.

At 2.8″ x 5.65″ x 0.62″ and weighing about 0.38 pounds, mophie’s powerstation plus is easy to throw in your pocket, backpack, or luggage to take with you on the road. The only downside I can find is that the integrated Lightning cable is a little short and doesn’t give you a ton of flexibility when charging. If you want to use your phone while charging, you’ll need to hold both the power bank and phone in the same hand. Then again, you always have the option of using a longer cable in the USB-A jack.

I’m a big fan of the mophie powerstation plus. It’s the perfect combination of size, battery capacity, build quality and convenience for me as an iPhone user. At $79.95, its certainly not cheap, but mophie is known for high-quality products, and their prices reflect that reputation.

The mophie powerstation plus power bank sells for $79.99, and it is available directly from mophie.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Great battery capacity; Integrated Lighting cable; Power delivery for fast charging; Great build quality

What Needs Improvement: Integrated Lighting cable is a little short

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