The Most Protected Armored Civilian Vehicles in the World

The powers that be are often at risk of showing up in public without a suit or bodyguards. Sometimes, this is due to real security issues; sometimes, it’s just a common whim. But nothing will provide a better feeling of protection as your very own, personal armored car with proper features/characteristics and, of course, at a reasonable price.

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We are pleased to present seven of the most luxurious armored cars for VIPs that will provide their owners with any level of comfort and protection — if you have the means.

Caddilac Escalade

  1. Cadillac Escalade ESV is a car that looks like a luxury limousine from the inside. Don’t be fooled by the leather/wood interior – there several millimeters of bulletproof armor underneath. The vehicle also features high-strength tempered glass and an armor plate at the bottom for protection against explosions. However, the armor does not conflict with the interior decoration and can withstand almost any bullet firing.

AddArmor, a US company from Wyoming that specializes in the armored protection of passenger cars and SUVs, has introduced a new set of improvements called Executive Protection Package for Cadillac Escalade. The emphasis was not only on vehicle protection but also on more luxurious interior design.

The alterations include installation of special plates, made of composite materials, along the perimeter of the cabin, which, according to the company representatives, are ten times stronger and 60% lighter than traditional armored steel, as well as 2-inch thick bulletproof glass. They can withstand gunfire, including assault rifles and handgun bullets up to .44 Magnum.

In the event of an attack, a siren can be activated, and blast protection is also provided. Moreover, the modified SUV has received reinforced brakes and can run with flat tires.

The roof is lifted by 4.3 inches to allow LED lighting and more space above the head. The vehicle also features a 32″ TV, Wi-Fi, an Around View Monitor with night vision, and Sony audio system.

Lexus LS

  1. Lexus LS 460 L. The Lexus LS 460 L is the benchmark for making premium cars. In addition to stylish design, comfortable interior, and a “beastly” engine capable of producing up to 389 HP, the vehicle has a high level of safety. Bulletproof windows and a body of the car withstand intense, concentrated fire from 7.62 mm rifles. Moreover, the vehicle will be able to protect against splinters and fragmentation grenade attacks.

INKAS, the company behind this car, preferred to invest in the ability to quickly get away from the chase rather than armor. Although the LS 460 L is partially protected from fire, it will primarily save the owner through high speed.3. Huron APC. They say that only civilian sissies hide the armor under the body… Need to move a valuable cargo? VIP? Particularly dangerous prisoners? Huron APC comes to the rescue! Today, any luxury car can boast with 7.62-mm gunfire resistance – what about 40 mm grenade launchers? In fact, even those are not the limit for the Huron APC.

Most luxury armored vehicles try to disguise themselves as ordinary cars, but Huron APC does the exact opposite. The exterior of the vehicle clearly hints that you don’t want to mess with it. The armor can withstand any kind of gunfire and grenade attacks. Oh yeah, you also have a machine gun mounted on the roof.

Conquest Knight

  1. Conquest Knight XV. This monster’s outfit includes steel plates, Kevlar layers, and GRP for weak spots, e.g., a bumper. The wheels are reinforced with extra-strong aluminum and virtually cannot be damaged in any way. The interior is simply luxurious, with a satellite TV, bar, water cooler, heated seats, and even a black box.

The Conquest Knight XV is based on the Ford F-550 Super Duty. The “heart” is available in 6.8-liter (gas) or 6.7-liter (diesel) options – in both cases, it’s a Ford unit. Based on the engine, the horsepower is 325 or 300. The vehicle is also equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The natural leather interior features a dual air conditioner, six seats, an Alpine audio system, and an automatic front window-tinting system. A large TV with a satellite dish and an oxygen tank (in case of a gas attack) are also available options. The number of cars produced does not exceed 100 units.

Kombat T98

  1. Kombat T98. An indestructible fortress on the outside and a luxurious palace on the inside, the Kombat T98 is designed for the wealthiest people who dream of absolute protection on the road. In addition to power armor, the set also includes gold plated interior and whale-skin seats.

The vehicle is civilian but fully armored, which means that the plates are not hidden under the body, and the body itself consists of armor steel. With all this, the vehicle also does not have the worst design at all.


  1. Paramount Group Marauder. Global Defense, known as the Paramount Group from South Africa, has created one of the largest, most rugged SUVs in the world, the Marauder.

This vehicle is threateningly huge; it makes Hummer H1 look like a toy. The Marauder is 9.8-feet (3 m) high, 21.2-feet (6.5 m) long, and almost 10-feet wide. According to a legendary former “Top Gear” host, Richard Hammond, the Marauder “is the most unstoppable vehicle in the world.”

The off-road vehicle was designed for military use, both in peacekeeping missions, reconnaissance expeditions, and troop transportations. Being fully armored, it also has a V-shaped body designed to repel potential roadside IED (improvised explosive devices) and landmine attacks.

Because of its large cargo surface, the Marauder can carry up to 10 soldiers and their equipment, as well as the driver and commander in the front. The company decided to make a civilian version of the monster truck available at $500,000.

The heart of the “beast” is a good oil’ diesel engine with an output of about 300 HP and 811 ft-lb of torque. The vehicle weighs around 12 tons, depending on what options are installed. Even with that weight, the Marauder can easily reach speeds of up to 75 mph.

The Cummins diesel engine provides low enough torque for the Marauder to overcome various obstacles with virtually no problems.

A few simple facts will tell you a lot about Paramount’s Marauder:

  • It has infantry, ambulance, and command center modifications.
  • It can withstand a 30-lb (wheels) and 15-lb (body) TNT explosion, resulting in one of the most protected vehicles in the world.
  • The travel range can be increased by 310 miles by installing additional tanks.
  • The Marauder is able to overcome a Ford half its height.
  • The climate control system ensures comfort inside the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is able to tow an 18-ton trailer.
  • A remote fuse blocker, which is often ordered by wealthy owners, is also optionally available.

ArmorMax Dodge

  1. ArmorMax Dodge Charger Hellcat. The US company has built a bulletproof version of the “charged” sedan Dodge Charger Hellcat. The vehicle can be protected in accordance with class B7, i.e., the vehicle can withstand 7.62 caliber fire shots and grenade attacks under the bottom.

The Hellcat received armored glass, Run Flat tires, flashing beacons, a front-bumper police ram, as well as additional protection of the fuel tank, electronic control unit, radiator, battery, and engine. Moreover, the car can be ordered with a gas-attack protection system that completely blocks the outside air supply and a loudspeaker system.

The sedan’s propulsion system remains the same. The Hellcat is still equipped with a 6.2-liter 8V engine, producing 717 HP and 650 ft-lb of torque. The changes are an AWD and reinforced suspension that matches the increased weight.

What Makes a Vehicle Safe?

According to Jim Malkovich from and Chris Collard from Consumer Reports, the most important factor of a four-wheeled vehicle is its safety. Let’s find out what makes a car safe.

Car classification and its weight come first – the higher the class, the greater the weight, the safer the car. During an accident, buckled up passengers, sitting in a powerful vehicle, will experience relatively less stress. Life itself and numerous crash tests confirm that. We can confidently state that a full-size off-road vehicle and a heavy sedan of an executive class are in a tangible gain among passenger cars.

The safety of a vehicle also depends directly on the age of its construction. Thus, modern vehicle bodies are equipped with special load-bearing elements able to dampen both the speed and impact energy smoothly. The interior “cage,” including the seats, is built to last, manufactured from high-strength steel to be as strong as possible. The elements of such a “cage” retain the necessary living space for people, even in the most extreme conditions.

It is safer to have a vehicle with the proper-designed chassis. This is due to the ability to stabilize the car after a maneuver or slow down at the right time. Every detail is essential – the ability to make maneuvers, steering precision, rollability, weight, stability, suspension, drifting propensity, the center of gravity, ECU settings, etc.

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