Waterfield Expands their Offers with the New Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote

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Waterfield makes the best laptop and iPad sleeves, bags, and backpacks. Their accessories are as good as it gets as well. If you are a student or a working professional, you owe it to yourself to check out their products. But Waterfield isn’t just about work. Their new Outbound Canvas Tote is about play, heading to the beach, and travel.

Waterfield Expands their Offers with the New Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote

Waterfield describes the new offering as:

Made for the long haul. Lightweight and comfortable to carry, the streamlined Outbound Canvas Tote is your go-to bag for just about any occasion. An interior leather panel helps distribute weight and prevents sagging. The rugged-looking Outbound Canvas Tote is generously sized to hold a variety of items. The heavy duty waxed canvas and full grain leather keep the Tote durable for the long haul.

Waterfield Expands their Offers with the New Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote

The Outbound Canvas Tote is typical Waterfield. Thoughtfully designed, it is crafted from the best materials available by their skilled San Francisco-based sewing team. For the outbound Canvas Tote, the company employed 15oz. Waxed canvas. This is no small thing since, as the note on the product page, other canvas totes use 6-ounce canvas, while many that are described as “durable” still fall short of Waterfield’s offering and use 12-ounce canvas. Not Waterfield. As they note:

At 15 oz., our waxed canvas exceed the industry measure, and still feels lightweight. It has a naturally rugged, distressed look which can be re-waxed to freshen it up. The canvas comes from a reputable mill that has produced these waxed fabrics since 1930. This specialized textile is coated with Martexi Original Wax and won’t require much cleaning. Stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth. NOTE: The Natural color is not waxed canvas, it is natural canvas with water repellent coating.

The waxed canvas is combined with full-grain leather accents for the subtle but stylish “Waterfield- Made in SF” label, the handles, and the bottom panel.

Waterfield Expands their Offers with the New Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote

Speaking of the leather bottom panel, Waterfield designed it not only to be strong but also to give the bag enough structure to maintain its shape. As they note:

AVOID SAGGING BOTTOMS: A leather panel, riveted to the bottom of the bag, provides a lightweight structure to stabilize the Outbound Canvas Tote and keeps it from sagging when full. It also helps balance the weight so your shoulders won’t tire quickly.

Waterfield Expands their Offers with the New Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote

Inside there are two small pockets that make it simple to stow and find your wallet, phone, or other small items.

Waterfield Expands their Offers with the New Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote

The tote comes in two sizes.

The medium Outbound Canvas Tote measures 13 “L x 5″ W x 14.75” H and weighs a pound and a half. That makes it about as tall as a paper grocery bag. Waterfield suggests its size makes it ideal “to use on daily errands or casual outings.” It has an MSRP of $99.

The large Outbound Canvas Tote measures 16.5 “L x 8.5″ W x 15” H, weighs two pounds, and has a capacity of 34.5 liters. As Waterfield suggests:

The roomy interior and sturdy materials makes the Large Size a good utility bag. It is the ideal size for throwing everything in: laundry, sports equipment, camping gear, a set of clothes, or your occasional odd-sized item. The Large Tote works best for day trips to the beach, packing a picnic, or to take on leisure weekend getaways.

Waterfield Expands their Offers with the New Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote

The tote is available in your choice of Brown, Navy, Forest Green, and Natural. I think the navy looks amazing!

Here’s a fun promotional video Waterfield released.

The Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote is great for summer or any time you need to carry a lot (or a little) in style. Features include:

  • Made of heavy-duty 15-oz. waxed canvas (most totes use 10-oz. canvas) that repels water.
  • The Natural color is not waxed but has a water repellent coating.
  • Full-grain leather accents.
  • A streamlined design keeps the bag lightweight and comfortable.
  • Flat side seams keep the interior clean and open.
  • Interior bottom leather panel keeps the tote from sagging when full.
  • Side pockets for small items.
  • Leather-wrapped handles provide a comfortable grip and don’t dig into the shoulders.
  • 11-inch drop handles won’t drag on the ground, and long enough for optional over-the-shoulder carry.
  • Two sizes accommodate varied uses.

Finally, it is worth noting that while, like all Waterfield products, the bag will age gracefully and develop personality, the more it is used, Martexin Original Wax can be used to touch-up and refresh the wax on your bag.

Check out both sizes of the Waterfield Outbound Canvas Tote, select the color that best suits you, and, during the waning days of Summer 2020 (such that it is), carry your stuff in style. Check it out here.

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