Lenovo Refreshes Their Lineup of Laptops and Tablets for Fall


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Lenovo Refreshes Their Lineup of Laptops and Tablets for Fall Listen to this article

There are few guarantees in life, but it’s almost a given that we’re all going to be spending more time than ever with our devices this fall. School, work, life — to some extent, everything is more linked than ever to having a reliable computer in hand. If you’re looking with an eye to upgrading soon, Lenovo has a fresh slate for this fall!


Lenovo Refreshes Their Lineup of Laptops and Tablets for Fall

Yoga 9i: The Yoga 9i is coming in multiple flavors, depending on screen size and build material. You’ve got a choice of 14″ or 15″ screen size, plus the 9i line has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos speakers with up to 4K screens. They’ll come in regular metal, or if you’re feeling extra fancy, with a leather cover instead. Plus, when the computer is doing its Yoga thing, and in tablet mode, you’ve also got a handy stylus housed in the body of the computer. And in a nod to the reality of life today, Lenovo has included a reader that works even with damp fingers, so if you’re busily Purell-ing your fingers every 30 seconds, you can still unlock your computer. There’s also a lighter, “Slim” version of the Yoga 9i as well, with a keyboard backlight that adjusts to the ambient light in the room, and an electronic switch to shut off the webcam instead of a physical one (due to the smaller bezel). Pricing for the Yoga 9i will start at $1399 for the 14″ metal version and $1699 for the 14″ leather version; pricing for the 15″ will begin at $1799. The 14″ and 15″ Yoga 9i will be available in October, while IdeaPad Slim 9i will start at $1599, and it will be available in November.

Lenovo Refreshes Their Lineup of Laptops and Tablets for Fall

Legion Slim 7i: Sometimes, you need to take a break from all that working to play Fortnite. Since you can’t play it on your iPhone right now, you’ll need a gaming PC, and Lenovo’s Legion line is amongst the best. Legion Slim 7i will be the world’s lightest to sport NVIDIA GeForce RTX, but that’s not the only trick it has up its sleeve. It will also have Lenovo Legion Coldfront 2.0, which keeps the laptop cool, along with an airflow system that keeps the fans from getting too loud (so you can fully enjoy the Dolby Atmos sound system). There are the usual Lenovo features like a privacy shutter on the webcam, a fingerprint reader on the power button, plus it sports a TrueStrike keyboard that offers deeper travel and more comfortable typing for fast-moving gaming. Your future at conquering the gaming world is available in October, starting at $1329.

Tablets and Smart Home:

Lenovo Refreshes Their Lineup of Laptops and Tablets for Fall

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro: The P11 Pro will be rocking an 11.5in screen with HDR10 and Dolby Vision, along with 4 JBL speakers with Dolby Atmos, so you’ll be able to take a much needed Netflix break whenever the mood strikes. It’s running Android, so you’ve also got a full suite of productivity options like Microsoft Office, and Lenovo will be selling a keyboard and pen, plus facial recognition unlocking. One feature that anyone working from home will love is background blurring on video calls, so you won’t need to find that one square inch of wall space that’s not cluttered with your kids’ stuff. Tab P11 Pro will be hitting this October, starting at $499.

Lenovo Refreshes Their Lineup of Laptops and Tablets for Fall

Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2: In addition to getting your work done, you need to find ways to help your kids work and play. The M10 Gen 2 will feature a 10.1in screen, Dolby Atmos speakers, and a TÜV Rheinland® screen that will help filter blue light. But what makes this a family-friendly tablet is Kids Space from Google, which creates a separate space with books, YouTube Kids, apps, etc. that are kid-friendly and can be controlled and monitored by parents. You’re never going to get your kids away from screens, so anything that lets parents manage that screen time more efficiently and effectively is a huge win! At only $129.99 this September, you can help your kids start the school year off right.

Lenovo Refreshes Their Lineup of Laptops and Tablets for Fall

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: Sure, we’re all sporting smartwatches, and phones, and tablets, but sometimes you need to look up to see the time. Helpfully, the Smart Clock Essential is more than just a nice clock; it also features Google Assistant, along with a USB port for charging your phone or watch, as well as a helpful nightlight mode, so you don’t step on a LEGO at 3 am when getting a glass of water. Though, if you did, you could probably ask Google for helpful first aid tips. Look for the Smart Clock Essential this September; at $49.99, it’s cheap enough to get one to outfit your bedroom, home office, and any other rooms you spend time in these days!


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