All the iPad vs Vaporware Nonsense is Growing Tiring…

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All the iPad vs Vaporware Nonsense is Growing Tiring... Listen to this article


In a recent interview Acer’s Chairman JT Wang predicted that the iPad’s near-100% market share in the tablet space would drop to between 20 and 30 percent.

Now PC World has posted an article entitled “Five Reasons to Pick an HP Tablet Over an iPad”.

So I thought I would add my voice into the mix and offer up Five Reasons They Should SHUT IT! No, actually I only need ONE!

Neither Acer nor HP has actually released a device and until they do there is NOTHING to talk about. Nothing! I mean, when we were at CES we saw TONS of tablets and all were promised in 2010. In fact most were promised in the first HALF of 2010. Then the iPad came out and all those projects were either scrapped or pushed back and retooled. Now it is the end of August and we still see nothing. Sure there are lots of rumors and promises but there is nothing actually in hand.

So predicting Apple’s share dropping to 20-30 percent when you haven’t actually released anything yourself is ridiculous. And pitting the iPad against a device that doesn’t even exist in the market place yet is just stupid. It is like announcing the birth of your daughter the doctor… it means nothing and just makes you look silly. So please… as Jon Stewart said on Crossfire a few years ago“Please… Stop…”

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