Neon Mama Customized Lights Give the Look and Style of Neon Lighting without the Neon Issues

A while back, I converted two rooms in the back of my house to the ultimate man cave. Part of that was a home bar project that I have taken great pride in. I recently was lucky enough to be offered a Neon Mama customized light for review, and it has really enhanced the area and stepped up my entertainment game.

The Neon Mama website is simple to use and offers a large assortment of light designs. The lights are made with neon tubing but are much brighter and more customizable than traditional neon lights. If you search the over 1,000 premade designs and do not find what you like, you can custom build your light. It is easy and fun to do.

I was able to customize a 75cm sign. Sizes range from 50cm to 300cm so that most needs can be met. As you can see, while designing the light, there is a real-time view of what the finished product will look like. I probably ran through the fonts close to 100 times until I chose my design. There are a ton of color options, too. I decided on blue since the school I coach for uses that color.

The light came with a clear backing board and all of the hardware to hang on the wall; this helps prevent the breakage that plagues traditional neon signs. It also includes a remote dongle that plugs directly into the power cord. The brightness of the LED lights and several blinking options are available using the remote. I prefer a solid burning light but like the ability to change the brightness and quickly turn it off and on. All it is missing is a speaker with the old neon buzzing noise to make it like the old days — and the higher electricity bills!

I found the perfect place for the light, and it has really accentuated my bar area. This space is a fun corner to sit and eat dinner or visit with friends and watch a game and just escape for a bit. My Neon Mama light has really added a great “bar” feel and added to the fun.

Choosing a design or designing your own light is fun to do, and the options are nearly endless. I love how you can see what the finished product will be as you design it to make sure it fits your needs perfectly. Unlike traditional neon lights, the light is light and easy to hang and doesn’t use a crazy amount of energy or get super hot. I have more ideas and might have to get a few more in the future since my bar project is a constant work in progress. YOu can learn more about the lights and their benefits and answer any other questions you might have about the signs here.

You can learn more about Neon Mama Customized Lights and order your custom neon sign directly from the manufacturer. My custom sign, as reviewed, sells for $365.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Super easy process at an affordable price; I love the light and ability to adjust its brightness and blinking options; Looks like traditional neon without the buzzing, heat, electricity consumption, and risk of breaking the glass

What can be improved: The only thing I do not like is that now I want more signs!

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