Ultimate Ears Reinvents Wireless Earphones with UE FITS

When I reviewed Ultimate Ears UE CSX and UE’s Fitkit that let you mold custom earphones at home, I mentioned that these would be ideal true wireless earphones. Now Ultimate Ears is making that happen with the custom-fit, true wireless UE FITS. I’ve been waiting for custom true wireless earphones, and I can’t wait to check them out.

Ultimate Ears Reinvents Wireless Earphones with UE FITS

True wireless earphones have taken off in the past few years. Initial offerings were large and uncomfortable, or so small that they only offered a few hours of playback. Connectivity issues also haunted early models and, quite frankly, they didn’t sound very good. A few generations of models later and the bugs have largely been worked out. There are now true wireless earphones that offer fantastic sound, extreme comfort, and, over the past year or so, have active noise cancelation. None, however, are truly custom true wireless earphones. That’s where Ultimate Ears are about to make their mark.

Ultimate Ears Reinvents Wireless Earphones with UE FITS

It all starts with the company’s system that lets you create accurate, unique ear molds at home. That’s important since, before the company’s system, to get custom molds, you had to go to an audiologist. (I did so for a review once and, trust me, it’s not a pleasant experience.)

Ultimate Ears Reinvents Wireless Earphones with UE FITS

As Ultimate Ears explain, UE FITS are,

the first-ever true wireless earphones with instant custom fit. Similar to fingerprints, each person’s individual ear is unique. No two prints, even on the same person, are the same. UE FITS mold to perfectly fit individual ears in less than a minute with its patented Lightform technology. This goes beyond the standard tip sizes of small, medium and large. From podcasts and playlists on morning commutes to conference calls while working from home or rocking that evening run, these instant, fit-for-only-you earbuds will stay in place for all-day comfort and deliver an exceptional audio experience.

When my review sample comes, I’ll walk through the process step by step, but you can get a sense of the process in my earlier review of the UE 5 CSX.

During the shaping process, the UE FITS app you’ll load onto your phone connects to the earbuds and, as UE explains,

triggers the embedded LEDs, which emit a gentle purple glow of UV light. Lightform technology uses UV light to harden the gel-filled tips to the contours of each ear, transforming them into earbuds that perfectly fit the consumer’s ear in under 60 seconds. This personalized fit provides wearable comfort free of pressure, pain or irritation, even after extended use. UE FITS also offer superior passive noise isolation as the fitted tips create a natural seal that blocks ambient noise.

The UE 5 CSX was my second pair of personalized, ear molded earphones I’ve used. The first pair were the ones that sent me to the audiologist.) The difference custom-fitted earphones make is undeniable. The fit, the comfort, and the seal are better than any standard sizing-offerings can match. After all, last I checked, ears didn’t come just in small, medium, and large, which, of course, if the usual offering of ear tips.

As Jonah Staw, General Manager and Head of Ultimate Ears Custom Earphones, explains:

We are redefining wireless earphones with UE FITS. For the first time ever, we are bringing instant custom fit to premium earbuds. With the press of a button and in under 60 seconds, consumers can experience exceptional comfort and sound quality from earphones that perfectly fit the unique shape of their ears.

Of course, custom-molded earphones only matter if they sound good. Thankfully, this is Ultimate Ears, and they aren’t going to release earphones that don’t sound great. The UE FITS are built on the same acoustic expertise that went into my UE 5 CSX. The UE FITS have finely-tuned 10mm drivers that are designed to “provide a sound signature that is full, warm, and detailed with deep, tight, and punchy bass.”

Ultimate Ears Reinvents Wireless Earphones with UE FITS

UE FITS offers up to eight hours of continuous listening on a single charge. The compact case houses a battery that adds twelve hours of music on the go. The earbuds have controls, but in so you can control your music playback. With the UE FITS app, you can even customize the earbud control buttons to activate voice assistant, skip tracks, or control volume.

Dual microphones built into the earphones are placed in such a way as to reduce wind noise and enhance call clarity in any situation. And while the UE FITS don’t have active noise cancellation, the tight seal of custom earbuds will block out a tremendous amount of the ambient sound and, in the process, offer an enhanced listening experience.

The UE FITS are available in Cloud (Grey), Dawn (Lilac), and Eclipse (Navy). Pre-orders will take place from October 1st through October 7th. During this period, the UE FITS will be available at a discounted price of $199. That is a fantastic price on true wireless earphones that will introduce a new level of comfort and fit. The price will increase after October 7th, so I highly recommend you place a pre-order now. You can learn more here.


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