Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G Mobile Platform Makes Powerful Phones Even More Accessible

It sometimes feels like we’ve hit somewhat of an endgame with smartphones, as the form factor seems to have settled pretty solidly into “large glass slab with camera array on the back.” But the outside is only a small portion of the magic; the real excitement is in the chips doing all the work. Having a bunch of cameras sounds good, but the reality is they work because the chips inside are doing all the heavy lifting with none of the glory.

Qualcomm has been steadily improving its offerings, and the latest updates of the Snapdragon 780G mobile platform showcase how much change comes from such a tiny chip.

This platform enables a selection of premium-tier features for the first time in the 7-series, making next-generation experiences more broadly accessible.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G

Qualcomm is bringing premium features to their mid-tier Snapdragon line in several ways:

  • Triple Image Signal Processor means it can pull from 3 cameras at once, meaning that fancy array of cameras will have serious horsepower behind them, allowing you to take the kind of photos that will make your Instagram followers jealous.
  • It also has low light architecture, HDR+ video capture, and 4K HDR so that shots will look amazing in any light.
  • AI processing is faster, making for better audio processing, the ability to do things like noise cancellation when it senses you’re talking, and a more responsive AI assistant experience (not that they aren’t great already-Siri, when the machines rise, please remember I alway said thank you to you).
  • Finally, the added power will allow AAA gaming and better VR experiences, and more robust WiFi and other wireless connectivity. No chance of freezing while playing Among Us!

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 780G will be hitting new phones and tempting your wallet in just a few months.

Via Qualcomm

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