Welcome Spring with Our Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Giveaway

What better way to celebrate the warming temperatures than to win a thin and light Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5? With a 14″ FHD touchscreen with narrow bezels, a 360º hinge, and an AMD Ryzen processor, this 2-in-1 laptop is perfect for working in the park on nice days.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

Valued at $720, you can win one by entering our giveaway!

This laptop has 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD; it runs Windows 10 Home.

You can read a full list of specifications for this particular model of the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 here, and this is a link to the same model for sale now on Amazon.

Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is over. Look for more exciting giveaways soon!

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• The value of the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is $720.

• Our sweepstakes is only open to anyone in the United States who is age 18 and up.

  This sweepstakes is open only to people with a continental USA mailing address; if your address shows as out of the country, we will pick a new winner.

  We will give one Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 to one winner; the winner will be chosen randomly through Rafflecopter.

  Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received during the sweepstakes entry period.

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  1. I want to travel to the Grand Canyon. They are already open, but the backlog of people wanting to go has made it too crowded. I will wait until the crowds die down.

  2. Vitos Bandos | March 24, 2021 at 5:34 pm |

    I wanna travel to Caribbean and snorkeling whole month!

  3. Hawaii

  4. I hope to travel to California for a big baseball tournament my grandson will play in.

  5. I’ll be going to AZ in early April, very excited to see my daughter

  6. Had a trip to NYC postponed … that would be first.

  7. Ah Shumaker | March 25, 2021 at 8:58 am |

    I’m happy at home.

  8. Rodney St John | March 25, 2021 at 9:53 am |

    My wife and I will be celebrating a milestone anniversary in the next year or so, we really want to spend a 2 weeks traveling across Europe and see some of the major cities/sites, Paris, Rome, Prague, Athens, and more.

  9. I would love to travel to Disney world

  10. I would like to travel to Europe.

  11. I would like to travel to MD to visit family and do things I was supposed to do before the pandemic.

  12. I’d like to travel to Missouri!

  13. Liz Newsome | March 25, 2021 at 11:33 am |

    I want to go to Budapest to visit my sister!

  14. Molli Vandehey | March 25, 2021 at 11:57 am |

    when it is safe to travel i want to go home and see my mom in new york

  15. firefly0034 | March 25, 2021 at 2:53 pm |

    I’m excited and hope to win!! But I want to go to the Mediterranean

  16. I’ve loved these types of laptops ever since my first Yoga almost a decade ago. The problem was always the performance, but the AMD chips kinda make that moot at this point.

  17. Athena Graeme | March 25, 2021 at 3:46 pm |

    I’m a trailing spouse … pandemic hasn’t halted any of our travel. We’ve had to fly everywhere from across the country to across the ocean (Denmark). It hasn’t been fun, it’s been super nerve-wracking. It’s been crazy trying to keep my family healthy, lugging a bag full of cleaners, sanitizers, masks … we recently got vaccinated and it’s been SUCH a relief. Now it’s back overseas next month. My dream trip is always home!

  18. Colleen Boudreau | March 25, 2021 at 4:39 pm |


  19. Jacqueline Nikolish | March 25, 2021 at 4:44 pm |

    I would love to travel back to the Austrian and Bavarian Alps. Most beautiful there!

  20. monica mcconnell | March 25, 2021 at 4:51 pm |

    I want to go to the beach. I miss it so much!

  21. I’d like to visit Paris.

  22. Tony Platz | March 25, 2021 at 5:59 pm |

    I would like to go back to Mississippi .

  23. csmith0306 | March 25, 2021 at 8:47 pm |

    Goin to the beach this summer!!!

  24. I would go to Connecticut to visit my daughter, son in law and my baby grandson who was born last year and who we haven’t met yet.

  25. We’ll probably make this happen even with the current conditions but I can’t wait to take a Rocky Mountain national park road trip! Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, maybe down to Moab and the Grand Canyon too. 🙂

  26. raymond kimmell | March 26, 2021 at 11:35 am |


  27. Mikhail_Sergeevich | March 26, 2021 at 11:39 am |

    I would like to travel to Norway.

  28. Back to Vegas
    Back on Cruises
    France and Italy

  29. Carol Ezovski | March 27, 2021 at 3:40 am |

    I’d like to Travel to Hawaii or New Orleans

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  30. bharat tahilani | March 27, 2021 at 10:17 am |

    I would like to travel to Asia, Thailand, Philippines & Cambodia

  31. I want to travel to middle east once the pandemic is over, I want to visit UAE

  32. Kim Henrichs | March 27, 2021 at 11:04 am |

    I want to get to Palm Springs for my birthday!

  33. I would like to travel down to CT for the weekend! It’s really nice there!

  34. Ron Ablang | March 27, 2021 at 4:43 pm |

    The Philippines. It’s cheap there and they speak a lot of English.

  35. I want to travel… to warm and sunny with ocean! Tired of this endless winter… 🙂

  36. we had a 10 day British Isles cruise planned before lockdown happened so that got cancelled, never been out of the country before and I really was looking forward to it

  37. rebeccagraham | March 28, 2021 at 3:20 am |

    I would like to go to Paris but it may be a while.

  38. anywhere warm with sand

  39. Iris McMahan | March 28, 2021 at 4:58 am |

    South America

  40. Angel Mendez | March 28, 2021 at 12:09 pm |

    I would love to travel to Hawaii my dream vacation

  41. Matt Jason Born | March 28, 2021 at 7:46 am |

    To the Spain to see my friends

  42. I would like to visit New Zealand

  43. Melissa Shaulis Mazzur | March 28, 2021 at 12:06 pm |

    I would love to travel to Hawaii! We had a trip planned but it was cancelled

  44. Marilyn Chatterton | March 28, 2021 at 12:39 pm |

    I would Love to go to Hawaii! Never been there

  45. Robert Burns | March 28, 2021 at 3:09 pm |

    I want to travel to Austin, TX.

  46. Rachelle Killackey | March 28, 2021 at 4:28 pm |

    We want to go back to Glacier National Park to drive the ‘Going to the Sun’ road – it wasn’t fully open last time we were there.

  47. Tracy M Murphy | March 28, 2021 at 6:59 pm |

    I’d like to Travel to Hawaii!

  48. I would love to travel to Petra, have been wanting to visit this place for a very long time.

  49. himanshu tripathi | March 29, 2021 at 1:56 am |

    what better place to visit other than Maldives in Summer, hoping to visit Maldives as travel restrictions are lifted

  50. Brigitte W | March 28, 2021 at 9:01 pm |

    I’ll be traveling to Texas to hug the kids and grandkids, just as soon as we’re all fully vaccinated (which will be in a month!)

  51. Claudia C. Davis | March 28, 2021 at 10:34 pm |

    I want to travel to Florence Italy!

  52. I dream of a tropical beach vacation!

  53. Would love to go to Portugal & enjoy the food & scenery.

  54. JOHN KENNEDY | March 28, 2021 at 11:56 pm |

    need it, want it, oh I gotta have it (all!)

  55. i want to go to europe

  56. I want to visit Ajanta & Ellora Caves in Aurangabad

  57. christina moore | March 29, 2021 at 11:12 am |

    I would love to travel to Hawaii

  58. I want to travel to Vegas!

  59. I miss National Parks trips.

  60. California and PNW road trips are my thing.

  61. aprilrobertalkd | March 29, 2021 at 7:59 am |


  62. I’m originally from West Virginia, but haven’t been able to visit my family due to the pandemic. I’m going to take those country roads home the first chance I get!

  63. Sherry Russell | March 29, 2021 at 4:17 pm |

    Would love to visit Zion National park in Utah.

  64. Kelsey Fenn | March 29, 2021 at 4:29 pm |

    I would love to go anywhere, but particularly hawaii or greece!

  65. Thomas Gibson | March 29, 2021 at 4:31 pm |

    I would love to visit Norway and Iceland.

  66. onyiakpanisi | March 29, 2021 at 11:39 am |

    I’ll love to go to San Francisco after the whole pandemic.

  67. Nicole Zerbini | March 29, 2021 at 4:41 pm |

    I can’t wait to travel to Bermuda again!

  68. Haven’t been back to Jamaica in 3 or 4 years….ready for some jerk chicken on the beach!

  69. I can’t wait to go to Cancun and soak up some sun!

  70. Husnah Khan | March 29, 2021 at 5:29 pm |

    I would love to travel to Georgia to meet a close friend of mine.

  71. I will be traveling to Hawaii for 2 weeks. Look forward to relaxing by the pool and long walks on the beach.

  72. Abigail Gibson | March 29, 2021 at 12:49 pm |

    I want to travel to spain and greece

  73. I want to travel with my family to Hawaii!

  74. Carolyn Daley | March 29, 2021 at 1:29 pm |

    I would love to travel throughout the state just visiting friends and family that I have not seen in a year.

  75. Jan Patterson | March 29, 2021 at 1:50 pm |

    I want to travel to Jackson Mississippi to visit my relatives and do some fishing.

  76. darkgoddess718 | March 29, 2021 at 2:29 pm |

    I would love to travel to Hawaii or Ireland

  77. I would love to take my wife back to St. Lucia for a second honeymoon

  78. We have been talking about taking the family to Orlando

  79. I would like to go to Tampa to visit my Uncle and Aunt.

  80. I would love to travel to Bermuda!!! Not only is it such a gorgeous island but I have a friend that lives there that I have not seen in a long time!

  81. I would love to travel to Ireland.

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  82. I want to visit friends in North Carolina.

  83. I can’t wait to go on a cruise!

  84. Jenny Mae Deaton | March 29, 2021 at 6:53 pm |

    I would Love to travel to Hawaii!!!

  85. Visit family in St Louis

  86. I want to travel to anyplace that has a beach. I’d also like to tour Italy.

  87. Pamela Halligan | March 29, 2021 at 7:53 pm |

    I’d love to travel to any place tropical.

  88. Asia, I would love to walk along the Great Wall of China and then head to Japan and just all over different Asian countries

  89. Christy Marie | March 29, 2021 at 9:07 pm |

    I would love to travel to Hawaii after the pandemic is over.

  90. I’ve been debating about crossing the last continent off the list: Antarctica

  91. I would love to travel to Bermuda!!! Not only is it such a gorgeous island but I have a friend that lives there that I have not seen in a long time!

  92. Susan Atkins | March 29, 2021 at 10:31 pm |

    I want to go to Las Vegas

  93. Patricia Zielenski | March 29, 2021 at 10:42 pm |

    I want to travel to anywhere that is not at home!

  94. Love to travel to Hawaii

  95. Janet Kellar | March 29, 2021 at 11:53 pm |

    I would love take an Alaskan cruise.

  96. Darla Kidder | March 30, 2021 at 12:15 am |

    I would like to travel to Arizona to see my family.

  97. palak shah | March 30, 2021 at 2:39 am |

    I want to go on a trip to south Asian countries specially Cambodia and Philippines

  98. suchit chhetri | March 30, 2021 at 2:52 am |

    I want to visit Bhutan and explore the culture & tradition of this amazing place

  99. Kelly Tupick | March 30, 2021 at 4:56 am |

    I would love to travel to Colorado to see my brother.

  100. deborahstinson | March 30, 2021 at 5:45 am |

    It’s never going to be over, travel will limited and restrictions will never end.

  101. tombellamy | March 30, 2021 at 6:56 am |

    I’d love to go skiing in Boone, North Carolina.

  102. would love to travel to Texas or SC to see family

  103. sharondawsonbontz | March 30, 2021 at 9:32 am |

    i plan to visit family in Oregon

  104. Tawney Mazek | March 30, 2021 at 10:13 am |

    My mind would enjoy travel, my metabolism makes it hell. I’ll stay home and read a good book.

  105. paigechandler | March 30, 2021 at 10:50 am |

    I want to go to Austin Texas

  106. I dream of going to Alaska.

  107. some place warm with a beach

  108. Vennesa Kelly | March 30, 2021 at 1:35 pm |

    I’d love to go see Hawaii

  109. Jonathan G | March 30, 2021 at 2:56 pm |

    I’d like to travel to Las Vegas, or travel across the country on an Amtrak sleeper with my brother, perhaps to New York, and catch a Yankee game in person.

  110. I want to visit my sister in Florida.

  111. Becky Breaker Donnelly | March 30, 2021 at 3:49 pm |

    New Zealand!

  112. Annmarie DiPasqua Weeks | March 30, 2021 at 6:03 pm |

    I’d love to go back to Grand Cayman Island. Haven’t been there for years now!

  113. richard skuse | March 30, 2021 at 7:05 pm |


  114. David Hollingsworth | March 30, 2021 at 7:25 pm |

    I never went anywhere before the pandemic, but I’ve always wanted to go to New York.

  115. Andrew Huffman | March 31, 2021 at 12:46 am |

    me too

  116. I would love to go to Hawaii. Its beautiful.

  117. Dee Martin | March 30, 2021 at 9:00 pm |

    I would love to travel to Florida.

  118. vivorn sophamisay | March 30, 2021 at 11:40 pm |

    I want to be able to go to the Grand Canyon and do some sightseeing, without having to worry about wearing a mask.

  119. I’d like to go to Israel once the travel restrictions are lifted Rosanne

  120. Andrew Huffman | March 31, 2021 at 12:45 am |

    I’d love to travel to Hawaii once the pandemic is over and restrictions have all been lifted.

  121. Rahul Sharma | March 31, 2021 at 2:43 am |

    Want to visit Seychelles for summers

  122. I want to visit a few countries in the east particularly Taiwan, South Korea and Japan

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