Dell Monitors Expanded with Video Conferencing, High Resolution, Portability, and More!

At this point, we’re all heading into close to 18 months of hybrid-to-remote work. One way or another, the idea of getting work done from someplace other than your main office isn’t going away; companies can’t and don’t want to put that genie back into the bottle. Dell is on it with new monitors for when you’re working on the go, working from home, or just upgrading your office gear.

Dell 14″ Portable Monitor (C1422H)

Dell 14 Portable Monitor (C1422H)You need to get work done on the go, but your dual monitor setup has spoiled you at home. Dell is making sure you don’t have to give that up with their portable monitor, which comes in at less than a pound and a half so you won’t break your back while tucking it in alongside your laptop.

It offers a 10 to 90-degree tilt, so you can prop up the monitor next to your laptop in whatever configuration is comfortable for you. Best of all, it connects via USB-C and starts at only $349.99, so it won’t break your back or your wallet when it comes out on August 31st.

Dell 24″ and 27″ Video Conferencing Monitors (S2422HZ and S2722DZ)

Dell 24" and 27" Video Conferencing Monitors (S2422HZ and S2722DZ)

Maybe you aren’t on the go so much, but you’re still on Zoom so much you’re dreaming about breakout rooms. Dell’s got your back, too, with 24 and 27″ monitors that offer pop-up cameras, 5W speakers, and noise-canceling microphones. They’ve also got TÜV-certified ComfortView Plus which means they’ll cut down on irritating blue light and be gentler on your eyes during a long day. These are out September 7th starting at $439.99 and $599.99, respectively.

Dell 27 4K UHD USB-C Monitor (S2722QC) and Dell 27 USB-C Monitor (S2722DC)

Dell 27 4K UHD USB-C Monitor (S2722QC) and Dell 27 USB-C Monitor (S2722DC)

Sick of cables everywhere? Dell’s got you covered with these two new monitors that use USB-C for video, audio, and data, so you’ve got less clutter and more power. There are also extra USB-C slots to charge your peripherals. With the 4K model, not only do you get incredible resolution, but you also get picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture options to multitask better. Basically, Dell wants your software AND your hardware to be as decluttered as possible. Smoothly organized monitors can be yours from August 19th on, starting at $499.99 for the regular 27″ and $619.99 for 4K.

Check out the new Dell Monitors here. 

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