Redefine Smart Lights and Brighten Your Home with Twinkly Line and Twinkly Flex

Twinkly makes light solutions that can be used year-round in a variety of settings; their new generation LED light strings are easily configured with smartphone apps using WiFi and Bluetooth, and their latest offerings are the Twinkly Line and the Twinkly Flex.

Twinkly Flex is a flexible light tube that can be bent into different shapes; templates are included in the box, or you can create your own. If you’ve ever wanted a neon effect without the expense, worry of breakage, or lack of changeable colors, this seems like a great option!

Twinkly Flex

Twinkly Flex

Twinkly Line is a self-adhesive and magnetic strip of LED lights that are easily shaped to create frames around furniture, TVs, shelves, and more.

Twinkly Line

Twinkly Line

Through the Twinkly smartphone app, you can detect the exact position of each Twinkly light and fully customize them with effects, shading, and animation; you can also pick and edit premade effects in the gallery or download new ones, or you can create your own effects.

Twinkly is now compatible with Apple HomeKit, and they have just announced a new integration with HP’s Omen Light Studio, which will bring environmental lighting to all gamers.

Twinkly RGB and The Razer Chroma have paired their revolutionary hardware and software technology to create an immersive, multi-sensory gaming experience. You can sync the lights with music, and Twinkly will react to the sound in real-time, as seen in this video.

Twinkly Line starts at $99.99, and it is available here; Twinkly Flex starts at $99.99, and it is available here. You can learn more about the whole Twinkly line here.

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