Eureka J20 Robot Vacuums, Mops, and Vigorously Cleans Nasty Floor Stains While You Relax

Robot vacuums are one of the coolest inventions to come out of the last few years. It’s a toss-up between video chat and robot vacs for which development has made life feel closer to the Jetsons, but Eureka is making a strong case for the robots with the new Eureka J20 Robot Vacuum/Floor Washer 2-in-1.

Eureka J20 Robot

The Eureka J20 Robot handles cleaning your floor surfaces no matter what the material. The base station does literally everything; it collects dirty water and dust, washes the mop, refills the clean water, adds detergent, and has air circulation to prevent nasty scents from building up. It has a 1.5L tank for water and a 3L tank for dust.

Eureka J20 Robot

Of course, all the exciting stuff isn’t just in the base station. The Eureka J20 Robot has a cycling belt mop that won’t leave residual water behind and four suction levels for thorough vacuuming.

It also applies 3x the force of other mopping robots, because the thing that’s really held up the automatic cleaning products ecosystem is a lack of forceful cleaning. Dried-on red wine, tomato sauce, and coffee spills? The Eureka J20 will clean those stains with ease.

Eureka J20 robot vacuum bottom view

Finally, the new Eureka J20 Robot also has 3D obstacle avoidance that uses laser navigation to find cliffs, obstacles, and items that need to be forcefully cleaned. It also uses advanced carpet detection, so it can easily flip from mopping to vacuuming without getting your carpets wet.

Basically, this is smarter than some people at cleaning floors!

Look for the Eureka J20 robotic vacuum to hit the market in April with a suggested price of $1,399.

If $300 off the Eureka J20 sounds good, you can subscribe anytime between now and March 30 to receive an exclusive discount code by clicking this link.

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