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One of the things I love about CES is that it gives me an opportunity to wander aisles filled with products from companies that I might never have discovered otherwise. Tucked in an out of the way area that we almost didn’t explore, Dan and I found iFace; they make some of the best-looking protective cases available. We were drawn to the iFace booth because of the bright colors of their hard shell cases. Once we had handled a few of them, we knew that we had been right to stop.

iFace is a Korean case manufacturer that specializes in shock-proof protective shells which utilize eye-popping colors and delightful graphics. I brought home one of their ArtFace limited edition cases, and it is currently on my iPhone. What makes iFace cases so special? Well …


Let’s start with the fact that, their ArtFace series cases have beautiful graphics. I’ve been on an owl kick for some time, so I really like this particular design.


The hard protective back on their shell cases is ringed and lined with a tough black rubberized shell; this material is semi-flexible, and it forms a shock-absorbing bumper which should protect the iPhone from all kinds of drops.


The shape of the iFace case adds slight curves to the otherwise completely straight iPhone body; I find that it makes my phone much easier to hold.


The power and volume buttons are covered with the black rubbery bumper, but the charging port, headphone jack, and the speaker holes are left open. Because the bumper portion of the case is on the thicker side, not all headphone jacks will fit; it is also worth noting that the mute switch is a little bit harder to operate as it is now in a deeper slot. Worth noting is that the sides of the case extend a few millimeters, so there is face-down protection. Even though I have a glass screen protector on my iPhone (which adds thickness to the screen), the edge is still deep enough that I get a bit of benefit.


I like that the case has two small holes on the back, which are there so that you can attach a wrist lanyard. I’m not yet sure if I will, but I like having the option. geardiary-iface-original-cases-004Everything about these iFace cases feels first class, which makes their prices even more surprising; while the iFace site is in Korean without an English ordering or translation option, I was able to find iFace on Amazon … and most of their cases are under $15. At these prices, I may have to pick up a few more!

iFace cases are extremely well made, they are protective, and they give the iPhone and other devices that they cover a slight curviness which feels great in hand. I think that iFace could easily give Case-Mate or Speck a run for their money; they are that good.

iFace cases are available online.

MSRP: Prices are usually around $30 – $35 (If you spot iFace cases for less than that amount, they are most likely fake)

What I Like: Extremely well made protective case available in bright vibrant colors and patterns; priced very competitively; lanyard holes in back; face-down protection

What Needs Improvement: Due to the thickness of the protective bumper, it is a bit hard to adjust the mute switch and not all headphone jacks will fit

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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