LIVSN Designs Releases Their New Reflex Shorts for Men at Just the Right Time

All winter long, I lived in the LIVSN FLEX Canvas Pants I reviewed last year; they were so comfortable. Now that it’s warmer, I’ve transitioned to the LIVSN FLEX Canvas Shorts that I also reviewed. Now the company has released their new Reflex Shorts for Men; they look fantastic, and I think I need to pick up a pair.

LIVSN Designs Releases Their New Reflex Shorts for Men at Just the Right Time

LIVSN Designs is an up-and-coming outdoor apparel brand. Their focus is on creating “durable outdoor clothing for those who value experiences more than stuff.” Their catalog is fairly limited, which isn’t surprising since the company is relatively new. They have been slowly adding products that, thus far, have really impressed me.

Their new Reflex Shorts for Men are a mix between yoga shorts and casual outdoor shorts; their aim is to be your go-to shorts this summer.

LIVSN Reflex Shorts for Men

The shorts get their name from the custom, Reflex fabric, a material made from recycled polyester and woven to give just a bit of stretch. To be more specific, the Reflex fabric is 72% recycled polyester and 28% polyester double-weave. They weigh just 3.4pm!  

The unique fabric is Water-resistant, lightweight, quick-drying, has just enough stretch, is moisture-wicking, breathable, and durable.

Since the Reflex Shorts for Men are designed for outdoor activities, LIVSN put serious thought into what material they would use for the inside face of the shorts. After all, if you are outside, moving and sweating, the wrong lining can easily rub and become uncomfortable, leaving you with skin that is on fire by mid-afternoon.

To avoid this, the company gave the inside face of the fabric a micro-diamond texture. The outside face of the fabric has a smooth, matte finish that won’t snag or catch on anything as you move.

LIVSN describes the Reflex Shorts for Men as light and soft, and they go on to note that if you get them wet, they will dry quickly.

One of the things I appreciate about the LIVSN pants I have reviewed is the gusseted crotch made from its Movement fabric.

The gusseted crotch on the LIVSN Reflex Shorts for Men

The extra comfort this design offers is difficult to describe, but that comfort is one of the reasons I tend to pull my LIVSN pants and shorts out so frequently.

And, since the shorts are designed to keep up with an active summer lifestyle, they have both a 2.5” waistband and an internal drawstring.

Man getting into a river wearing a pair of LIVSN Reflex Shorts for Men

The Movement fabric used for the Reflex Shorts’ waistband and the gusset is 89% Recycled Nylon and 11% Spandex. It offers the comfort of a 4-way stretch while also being breathable, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying.

In addition, the shorts have two YKK lockdown zippered media pockets on each hip for added security so your valuables don’t fall out while you run.

Media pocket on the hip of LIVSN Reflex Shorts for Men

The ventilated front pockets are deep and have phone sleeves to keep your communications device from flopping around while you run or jog.

LIVSN Designs Releases Their New Reflex Shorts for Men at Just the Right Time

A snap button front fly is there for added convenience, and the 7” split inseam is a goldilocks of inseams… not too short and not too long.

LIVSN Designs Releases Their New Reflex Shorts for Men at Just the Right Time

The new Reflex Shorts for Men are available in your choice of blue, grey, or green, and they will sell for $79.

You can learn more about the LIVSN Reflex Shorts for Men, and order yours here.  

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