Lighten Your Hunting Pack with the Lansky BowSharp

Being a bow hunter means carrying tons of gear and small gadgets. I have to hike about half a mile or so to my hunting spot, so weight and space is a big issue. Lansky BowSharp saves space and lightens my load by combining a broadhead sharpener and wrench with a bow tool kit for only $16.99.

Heaven Golf Shoes Will Get You and Your Game Noticed

Sometimes a product comes along that is so bizarre-looking that you just have to take notice. Heaven Golf Shoes are just such a product, and they promise to be a revolutionary development in the game of golf. If nothing else, they’re sure to distract spectators from your duck hook into the wrong fairway.

Here’s Why You Always Ski with a Buddy in Avalanche Country

This December 2013 YouTube video of skiers at Utah’s Alta ski resort shows the importance of skiing with a buddy within avalanche prone areas – and proceeding downhill separately.  This GoPro footage  shows a skier spotting his brother becoming engulfed in an avalanche leaving him buried to the very top of his ski helmet. All caught on video.

The Optrix Bar Fly Keeps Your iPhone Mobile

Remember when we used to call them “mobile phones?” Now, they’re only as mobile as you are. So if you’re an avid cyclist or just a commuter, unless you have a good sturdy and convenient mount, your phone probably stays in your pocket or bag.The Bar Fly from Optrix looks to change that.

Reinvented GBag Golf Bag Uses New Technology – Will Change How You Golf!

The golf bag is a standard part of any golfer’s arsenal, but while there are loads of models they all serve the same basic purposes the same basic way. Now Gbag has launched on IndieGoGo and looks to change the way we think of the golf bag for good, using magnets and ultralight materials and a modular design! The golf bag is a standard part of any golfer’s arsenal, but while there are loads of models they all serve the same basic purposes the same basic way. Now Gbag has launched on IndieGoGo and looks to change the way we…

Thermoworks and iGrill Mini Help You Check Your Temps

With the holidays comes some massive meal preparation. And that can add some major pressure to what can already be a stressful time of the year. Luckily, our friends at Thermoworks and iDevices have released two neat new devices to help take some of the hassle out of the holidays. Read along for a look at the new ChefAlarm and the iGrill Mini.

T-Rex Runner Launches Ramblen, Resource for Traveling Runners

With the huge number of sites like RunKeeper and Yelp to give opinions and options for eating and finding routes, you might think it is easier than ever for a traveling runner to hit a new city. Sadly this is not the case, as recommendations of routes often lack context, and definitions of ‘healthy dining’ vary wildly. In this light the new site Ramblen has launched to provide curated recommendations for eating and exercise for travelers. One of my favorite running blogs is the T-Rex Runner – I appreciate the humor and randomness, but also the way she immerses herself…

MapMyFitness Bought by UnderArmour

When I bought my second pair of Nike Free Run shoes last year, one factor was that the shoe had the slot for the foot pod that connected to my Nike+ GPS watch that hooked into my laptop to help me track my workouts. Under Armour lacked such a tie-in, so they bought MapMyFitness.

Stuff-a-Burger Lets You, Well … Stuff a Burger!

If you don’t know what a “Juicy Lucy” is, then prepare to have your mind blown. The Juicy Lucy is a stuffed hamburger filled with add-ins like cheese, bacon, mushrooms or onions. Until now, they’ve been difficult to make at home, but thanks to the Stuff-a-Burger Press, you can make your own version on the grill!

Smoke at Home with Masterbuilt

If you like smoked meats, then, well I guess we can be friends. But not everyone has the room for a big wood-fired smoker or the time to tend the fire for a long cooktime. For convenient home smoking and consistently delicious reults, the Masterbuilt 30-inch Electric Digital Stainless Steel Smokehouse might just be the solution for you!

Reminder That All Female Joggers Might Be One Run from Death – The Monday Mile

A week ago, satire site The Onion posted ‘Nation’s Female Joggers Know They Will One Day Be Assaulted, Buried In Woods’, where women acknowledge this as simply part of the circle of life. All fun aside, as fall arrives it’s a good time to step back and remind ourselves of the need for enhanced safety on shorter, cooler days. I wrote about early morning running tips in the first part of spring as I started to see more people emerging from their winter cocoons, and now as school is back in session and the mornings are darker it makes sense…

Avoid These Hydration Mistakes During Marathon Season – The Monday Mile

Hydration is a problem for everyone – office workers deal with dry environments from conditioned air and need to increase fluid intake to compensate. Athletes bodies use it more quickly and it is easier to get into a very dangerous place. As fall marathon season starts it is important to separate fact from myth to keep hydrated and safe. Through the years there have been a number of articles and guidelines put out about what we should drink, when we should drink and how much we should consume. Most of these have been pretty rough guidelines, and can generally be…

Goal Zero Helps You Do ‘Real’ Camping Without Giving Up Your Gadgets!

My wife and I love to go camping … our boys, not so much. And when I say camping, I am not referring to an RV with TV and microwave and air conditioning! I mean a tent. One of my memories from tenting with our boys last fall was the ‘tech huddle’ in the public bathroom. There were four outlets, and all of the teens would go hang out to charge up their stuff in the evenings. So I was intrigued when I saw the Goal Zero Katabatic solar powered tent over at Wired. The tent is being sold through…

The (Elevation) Map Is a Lie – The Monday Mile

This weekend I completed the inaugural running of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon Marathon. The race takes place on the Pine Creek Gorge just outside of Wellsboro, PA. As noted, this was the first running of the race, which always means watching organizers work out the bugs in the system in real-time. I had gotten a couple of obscure comments from one of the leaders of a local running club group on Facebook, so I was watching what happened over the course of the pre-race and race-day events. It was a race and a weekend that left me conflicted in many…

Down and Dirty with the 2014 Toyota 4Runner

During this week’s Press Preview of the 2014 Toyota Tundra and 2014 Toyota 4Runner, we had a chance to spend some “quality time” in different models of each truck. And while we spent some time with the trucks on nicely paved roads, we also had a chance to go off-road with both vehicles. The event took place on the grounds of the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, PA, a gorgeous resort set on 2,000 wooded acres in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Here’s a small taste of what it was like off-road in the 4Runner. Toyota had a series…

TrackingPoint Super Gun Technology Enables 3,100 Yard Shot Consistency

In January we brought exciting new firearm news with the TrackingPoint precision guided rifle technology. Read the news release here and read about their iPhone game here. The TrackingPoint technology allows rifles to be amazingly accurate up to 1,000 yards. The precision guided XactSystem allows shooters to tag a target, track it and fire the round making perfect shots despite moving the weapon slightly. The same sort of technology is used in fighter jets ensuring only the intended target is engaged. This is exciting technology that can only be found from TrackingPoint. The company was not satisfied with democratizing the…

Magellan’s Echo Smart Running Watch – Leverages Your Smartphone and Integrates Fitness Apps

Have you ever stood in your driveway waiting for your GPS to find satellites whereas your phone was set a few minutes earlier? I have done it many times, as has pretty much anyone who has both a GPS watch and smartphone! The realities of power, cost and space make it hard for GPS watch makers to have the same capabilities as a smartphone. To deal with this, Magellan introduces the Echo – let’s take a look! The Echo isn’t like other GPS watches – because it isn’t a GPS! Instead, it is a specialized Bluetooth receiver that works with…

Porter the Dog v iPhone 5, Thanks to the LifeProof LifeJacket!

The LifeProof case for the iPhone 5 is a terrific way to keep your phone safe from life’s bumps, bruises and mishaps. In addition to all the other protection it offers, the LifeProof case is waterproof. That means you can dump it in the toilet or leave it in the rain and feel confident it will still work. But what if, for example, you are spending time at a lake and don’t want to worry about your phone getting wet? Moreover, what if you want your iPhone safe from water damage AND able to float? That’s where LifeProof’s LifeJacket comes…

Taking Your Fitness Routine on Vacation – The Monday Mile

I am just coming back after a week-long ‘vacation’ … and I have a marathon in THREE WEEKS! I learned about and signed up for the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon Marathon just before vacation, and at that point it was still June, and the race was at the end of July, so I looked at it as weeks away. It wasn’t until we got back from vacation that I really thought about it – and realized that my next marathon is only 10 weeks after the first. Plenty of time to make sure I’m ready, but not a lot of time…