Virgo E-Bike Helmet Funding Safety on Kickstarter

I rode my first e-bike less than two years ago. I quickly wanted more speed, more torque, and more range. But I quickly realized that bike helmets don’t offer enough protection at higher speeds. Thankfully, the creatives behind the Virgo e-bike helmet thought similarly and have created a new type of safety helmet specifically designed for the higher speeds of electric bikes.

When I ordered the Ride1Up REVV1, my wife Raina wasn’t thrilled. It looks like a light motorcycle and, when unlocked, rides similar to one and can hit speeds close to 40 miles per hour.

Even in traffic at sustained Class 2 speeds of 20 mph or Class 3 speeds of 28 mph, the REVV1 is different from riding a standard bike, and it quickly became apparent that my regular bike helmet wouldn’t offer the protection I needed.

Raina asked me to get a better helmet and a protective jacket. I did, and most of the time I’m on the REVV1, I wear them, but honestly, they are overkill.

Virgo E-Bike Helmet

So that’s where things are in the new landscape of electric bikes. Protective gear designed for bicycles is designed for lower speeds and isn’t protective enough for e-bike riding, while gear designed for motorcycles is overkill.

That’s where the Virgo comes in.

Designed specifically for the faster speeds of electric bikes, the Virgo e-bike helmet is lightweight and offers full face protection, nighttime visibility, and eye protection. It strikes a balance between safety and performance and provides an entirely new look in the space.

As the creatives behind Virgo note:

This helmet is suitable for e-bike riding as well as for regular bike rides. Its design skillfully blends lightweight construction, optimal ventilation, and full facial protection in the event of a head-on collision.

Virgo E-Bike Helmet Funding Safety on Kickstarter

The Virgo E-Bike Helmet is made from a polycarbonate shell with a protective layer of EPS. An available model includes Mips technology which is an important advancement in avoiding brain injuries in a fall.

While no helmet can guarantee you’ll be okay after a tumble, Mips makes a huge difference by helping to reduce the rotational motion that causes brain trauma in certain impact conditions. The result is a helmet specifically designed to fit the safety needs of electric bikes and able to handle higher speeds of up to 28 mph. I highly recommend spending the additional money to back the MIPS version on Kickstarter.

But that’s just the beginning. The Virgo E-Bike Helmet’s protective features also include the following:

  • Integrated Full Facial Protection: A single shell provides a solid connection to the helmet liner, allowing for flexible shock absorption while protecting the chin & jaw.
  • Detachable Swiveling Visor: Bike through any weather and visibility condition with a front visor that is held in place by two fasteners on the front of the helmet and changeable lenses.
  • Removable LED Tail Light: Removable rear light secured by a magnet that can be used separately. Energy-efficient LED light, rechargeable via USB-C.

I appreciate that the Virgo E-Bike Helmet is designed for the higher Class 3 speeds of up to 28 mph, but I’m more interested in the full face protection. I also appreciate the fact that it doesn’t try to copy the design of motorcycle helmets but, instead, takes its own approach.

The permanent chin guard looks a bit odd at first, but it seems to be a lightweight way to offer some added protection. The integrated visor helps keep bugs out of your eyes at the higher speeds of e-bikes. And the open, full surround around the ears offers protection while letting you hear traffic.

One of the challenges of my motorcycle helmet is that it isolates me from my surroundings a bit more than I would like. I also appreciate the fact that it is designed to adjust to specific circumstances and keep you as safe as possible.

Virgo E-Bike Helmet

As they explain, there are three main positions:

  • 1. Riding position: The chin strap is placed in a way that allows you to drink & fully surrounds the face for shock protection.
  • 2. Shock from below: The helmet lifts up from the back, and the face shield protects the face. The forehead remains protected by the shell.
  • 3. Shock from above: The helmet pivots forward and lowers the chin bar. The face stays protected, and the fitting system reduces the helmet movement.

Colors that the Virgo E-Bike Helmet is available in, include Carbon Black, Warm Sand, Pure White, and Midnight Blue.

Virgo is available in three sizes and several colors. At just 600 grams, it sits right between most bike helmets’ 350-500 grams weight and the 800-1100 grams of MTB helmets.

At launch, the Virgo E-Bike Helmet will have an MSRP of $249, but you can back it on Kickstarter for just $99.

It is worth noting that this team of creatives has successfully launched eight prior products on Kickstarter, and, as a result, I believe the risk of backers not seeing rewards is minimal. You can learn more about the Virgo E-Bike Helmet and back it by clicking here.

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