40-Quart Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler Review: A Fantastic Way to Keep Food and Drinks Chilled Everywhere You Go


Cooler season is upon us; it’s time to camp, picnic, BBQ, and take trips to the beach! It is much easier and less messy if you do not have to haul ice to keep everything chilled. Anker EverFrost, now on Kickstarter, is billed as the world’s longest-lasting battery-powered cooler, and we took an early look. Read on to see how the EverFrost cooler performs.

The Anker EverFrost is a powered cooler with up to four charging methods and a removable battery. You can charge the cooler from the wall or car socket in just four hours, in 5.8 hours with the 60W USB-C, and in only 3.6 hours using the 100W Anker solar panel in direct sunlight.

This gives a truly off-grid option to keep food and drinks cool for long periods of time!

The Anker EverFrost sitting on a grass lawn

I have the Forest Green 40-quart Anker EverFrost cooler for review, but it is also available in a Forest Green 30-quart or a Granite Gray 50-quart size.

Besides their different capacities and colors, the main difference between the three sizes of Anker EverFrost coolers is that the 50-quart size comes with dual cooling zones, so you can keep items on one side cool and items on the other side frozen simultaneously.

The cooler looks and feels much like any cooler you may be used to, but it has several useful extra features.

Each cooler features a removable 299Wh battery for fast cooling and keeps food and drinks at optimal temperature for hours. The battery charges quickly and can be used as an external battery pack for charging other devices, whether installed in the cooler or not. Extra battery packs can also be purchased to extend cooling time.

The Anker EverFrost with battery

The battery easily slides in and out of the end of the cooler and has indicator lights to show the current charge status.

The charging ports on the Anker EverFrost's side

The car and wall charger connects below the battery, and USB-C and solar charging plug directly into the battery.

All the ports and controls are usable while the battery is installed and in use, and the cooler also pairs nicely with the Anker 625 Solar Panel, which we reviewed here.

Feature of the Anker EverFrost include an extending handle that also functions as a table

The Anker EverFrost’s wheels are rugged and make the cooler easy to move, and a built-in handle makes moving the loaded cooler easier, and it also functions as a foldable table. A handy bottle opener is even found on the side when you need to open some cold beverages.

A bottle opener is built-into the Anker EverFrost

A removable basket and a bright LED light are inside the 40-quart Anker EverFrost’s single cooling compartment. There is plenty of room to pack it full of food and drinks, especially since no space is taken up by ice or water, and a drain plug ensures easy cleanup in case of a spill.

The food basket, drain plug, and LED light inside the Anker EverFrost

Temperatures can be controlled on the device screen and are simple; the current temperature inside the cooler and the set temperature are displayed and can be changed via the buttons on the side.

I like that Anker EverFrost’s display is simple and to the point; temperatures can easily be set from 68°F to -4°F, and it reaches those temps quickly.

Temperature setting on the Anker EverFrost

The Anker EverFrost can also be controlled via the Anker app, which will keep all your Anker devices in one, easy-to-manage place. From the app, the power usage can also be monitored, and you can also use it to change the temperature as needed.

The Anker app

I was impressed at how easily the app seamlessly connected!

The Anker EverFrost is a game-changer when it comes to powered coolers; temperatures are reached quickly, the built-in wheels and handle/table are thoughtful additions, and the removable powerbank is light and long-lasting. I also appreciate that the cooler has four charging methods, and because it charges quickly, it is perfect for many uses, whether at home or away.

40-Quart Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler Review: A Fantastic Way to Keep Food and Drinks Chilled Everywhere You Go

The Anker EverFrost is well-designed and includes extra features like a bottle opener and a handle that doubles as a table; controlling the temperature is easily done from the integrated display or the mobile app.

The Anker EverFrost is an excellent option if you are looking for a powered cooler this summer; because it comes in three sizes, you’re sure to find the one that will work best for your needs.

The Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler starts at $519 for the 30-quart; it was fully funded on Kickstarter, and shipments are already happening. On June 13th, it will be available on Amazon and the Anker website.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Well designed; Removable and swappable battery; Four charging methods including USB-C, AC, DC, and solar; Cools and charges quickly; Temperatures are easily controlled from the cooler’s panel or the Anker app

What Needs Improvement: Nothing yet!

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