Active Noise-Cancellation

Blue Announces the Satellite Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

I’ve been using Blue Microphones products for some time when making recordings at home. So when Blue burst onto the scene with their first headphones, the Mo-Fi, I was intrigued. (Read our review.) The headphones looked impressive. Good news is, they sounded just as impressive. Now the company has announced their first wireless headphones. The Satellite takes everything the company has learned about headphones and cuts the cord.

#ad Diamond Tears On-Ear Headphones (Rose Gold) via Apollo Box

This is a sponsored post; all opinions are mine. I have reviewed the Monster Diamond Tears on-ear headphones previously, but this time, I am reviewing them through the online store called Apollo Box. Although these fashion headphones aren’t my style, but they are comfortable, sound great, and they make a statement.

Listen and Travel in Quiet Luxury with the AKG N60NC On-Ear Headphones with NC

When AKG says the AKG N60NC Noise Cancelling Headphones deliver, “First class noise cancelling headphones fine-tuned for travelling” they aren’t using hyperbole. No, they are describing their newest on-ear headphones with NC. I used them for a weekend trip to Atlanta and they were nothing short of terrific. They sound great, are comfortable, and the noise cancellation is excellent!

The Bragi Dash Is Only Fast at One Thing: Dying

Typically when you spend $299 on a pair of earphones, you’re expecting quality, but you’re also expecting some flaws. Well, that’s exactly the case with the Bragi Dash. So let’s get right into it. I originally backed the Bragi Dash February 23rd, 2014 after scouring Kickstarter for $199 (early bird pricing) with expectations of getting them in January 2015 (no really, there’s screenshots): I finally received them February 12th, 2016 after much delay and plenty of Twitter and emailed excuses. It’s something I should’ve expected after being a backer of “Coin”, which most people know wasn’t the most successful launch…

You Will Love the Plantronics Backbeat Pro+ Wireless, Noise Cancelling Headphones

The original Backbeat Pro was a thing of beauty. These over-the-ear headphones were comfortable, got a whopping 100 meters of wireless range, offered active noise cancellation, delivered outrageously good battery life of up to 24 hours AND sounded amazing. Now Plantronics has delivered the Backbeat Pro+ Wireless, Noise Cancelling Headphones with HI-FI USB Adapter.

A-Audio Icon Wireless Over-Ear (ANC) Headphones

At an MSRP of $379, the A-Audio Icon headphones are in the price range of premium headphones. This price range puts the headphones in a competitive market with the likes of many better-known brands. At the same time, the Icon headphones deliver wireless sound, active noise cancellation, excellent sound, and a bold design that is anything but cookie-cutter. The first thing you notice when initially opening the box is just how heavy the headphones and assorted accessories are. These are no lightweight, cheap, quick-to-be-broken fashion headphones. The next thing you will notice is the protective case that comes with them is…

Jabra EVOLVE 80 Headset Is All Work and All Play

There are more knowledge workers than ever trying to be productive in ever-smaller spaces. Distractions are everywhere, and their impact is tremendous. The new Jabra EVOLVE line of headsets was designed for just this scenario. We were sent a pair of the Jabra EVOLVE 80 Headset for review, and we are truly impressed with what the company has done here.

SHHHH… ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The rumble of the train as it rolls down the track or the roar of the plane’s engine is enough to give anyone a headache. The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint Active Noise-cancelling Headphones are designed to give you an island of quiet no matter where you are. Read on to see if they should they be your new traveling partner.

Velodyne vQuiet Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are looking for a pair of headphones with active noise cancellation, and you don’t want to be a Bose-wearing lemming, then you’ll want to check out the Velodyne vQuiet Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones. The vQuiet headphones have a unique look; they offer good sound, and they do an excellent job of blocking out noise. Available now for $299.

Phiaton Chord MS 530 Bluetooth Headphones Cut the Cord and the Noise

The Phiaton Chord MS 530 Bluetooth headphones combine premium materials, Bluetooth 4.0 and Active Noise Cancellation in a single pair of high-end, stylish headphones you’ll want to wear for hours at a time. Comfortable and great-sounding, the Chord MS 530 headphones are also well-made and great-looking. At an MSRP of $349 they should impress. And, in a word, they do!

AKG K495 NC On-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones Review – Hear the Quiet, Even When It Is Noisy

The AKG K495 on-ear headphones offer good sound and excellent noise cancellation in a refined package that looks great and is as comfortable as any pair of on-ear headphones I have used. At $349.95 the USB rechargeable headphones are, however, a bit pricey. Then again, quality doesn’t come cheap. Check them out here. I’m on the Amtrak Acela headed from Jersey to DC for a few hours. I like these one day trips, so long as I get to take the train rather than fly. It is easy, rather comfortable and, at least compared to travel by air, quiet. Still,…

Over-the-Ear Headphone Shootout – A GearFest Video

Last week Judie and I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with a few pair of the over-the-ear headphones I have reviewed over the past year. With prices ranging from just $149.99 all the way up to $379.95, these headphones cover a good deal of ground. Moreover, one pair offer active noise cancellation while another can be used in either wired or wireless modes. In other words, these headphones don’t all sit nicely in a single product category. At the same time, if you are in the market for new headphones then you are likely going to purchase…

Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Noise Canceling Headphones Review

I had the opportunity to look at a number of different headphones from Phiaton in recent months. The first pair of Phiaton headphones I reviewed were the Phiaton’s PS 20 BT Stereo Headset. (Read the review.) These wireless bluetooth headphones were incredibly comfortable and sounded great. I found the control module to be a bit awkward. It’s round and the buttons were rather difficult to access times. I also didn’t love the fact that you couldn’t use your own earbuds but, thankfully, the earbuds that came with the PS 20 BT Stereo Headset were comfortable and sounded great. Here’s what I…

AKG K391 NC Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

In an ever-more crowded market filled with noise cancelling headphones, it can be a challenge to find the right balance of noise cancellation, comfort and audio quality. I was so impressed with the sound and comfort of the AKG K551 over-the-Ear headphones I reviewed recently (read the review), that I wanted to check out a pair of their noise cancelling offerings. They were kind enough to send a pair of the AKG K391 Noise Cancelling Headphones for review, and my first impressions are excellent. The AKG K391 NC Noise Cancelling Headphones have an MSRP of $249.99, but they are widely…

Phiaton PS 300 NC Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

I’m into a period of time that will see me on planes rather frequently, and while I’ve tried various noise canceling headphones over the years, I’ve never found a pair I loved to use. For example, I was impressed with the Sennhauser MM 450s when I reviewed them, but when I bought a pair on sale a few months ago I found myself disappointed with the buzz created by the noise cancellation system. It wasn’t bad, but it was noticeable, and I just couldn’t see myself using them longterm. Most recently I had purchased a pair of inexpensive Sony in-ear…

Monster Inspiration Active Noise-Canceling Headphones Review

What would it take to get you to spend $350 on a set of headphones? I’ve been asking myself that very question over the last two weeks, and I think I may finally have an answer. The question wouldn’t have even come up if I hadn’t been sent Monster’s newest Inspiration headphones, which — as you may have guessed — retail for that exact amount. all photos by Kevin Stanford I approached the package unwrapping with some trepidation … what if I liked them? Granted, these were sent to me as a review sample that I would be allowed to…

Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth Headset and USB Adapter Review

We took a look at the Jabra Supreme headset back in October. (Read the review.) It was an impressive Bluetooth headset; it offered active noise cancellation, and the headset was designed for noisy environments. The active noise cancellation cut through much of the ambient noise and allowed for clear conversations on both sides. Sure, the active noise cancellation created a funky feeling in the ear, but the pay off was clear, clean, crisp phone calls. Also impressive was the actual design. While I don’t tend to be a fan of large noticeable Bluetooth headsets, this particular offering has the convenience…

Jabra SUPREME UC, Calls At Your Desk and On the Go

  We reviewed the Jabra SUPREME last year. It is the first non-stereo headset that includes Active Noise Cancellation. It is a bit bigger than I usually like but it sounds great and is a good choice if you are in the market for a new BT headset. Here’s what we had to say at the time I’m really impressed with the Jabra Supreme. It is comfortable, sounds good and offers all of the features that I want and need in a headset. The active noise cancellation is an interesting new feature. It works quite well and allows for good…

Bluetooth Headset Review: Jabra SUPREME

I have been using one specific Bluetooth headset in my car for the past year or so, but I lost it a few weeks back. Okay, I didn’t exactly “lose” it but, rather, my wife Elana took it. I was thrilled to have her take the headset because: A. She’s my wife, and I like her to have stuff she wants B. She’s my wife, and I wanted her to have and use a headset so she would be safer on the road C. I knew I had a headset on the way that would be just as comfortable and…

Sennheiser MM450 Bluetooth Headphones Review

As I have been reviewing more and more audio equipment one thing has become clear to me: you get what you pay for in the sound department. True, every now and then a lower-end audio product may surprise you but, as a general rule, the more you pay the more features and audio-quality you are going to find. Sure, this holds true in most areas, but I tend to find it is more apparent in the audio department than in other places. That noted, I never imagine I would lust after a pair of headphones that cost just south of…