Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth Headset and USB Adapter Review

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We took a look at the Jabra Supreme headset back in October. (Read the review.) It was an impressive Bluetooth headset; it offered active noise cancellation, and the headset was designed for noisy environments.

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The active noise cancellation cut through much of the ambient noise and allowed for clear conversations on both sides. Sure, the active noise cancellation created a funky feeling in the ear, but the pay off was clear, clean, crisp phone calls.

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Also impressive was the actual design. While I don’t tend to be a fan of large noticeable Bluetooth headsets, this particular offering has the convenience of automatically turning on as soon as you flipped out and extended the boom mic.

I loved that feature and found the convenience of it to go beyond simply turning on the headset as it also helped ensure that you didn’t waste the battery when it was not being used. As I wrote in the original review

What I LOVE about the Jabra SUPREME is that its boom folds over the rest of the body. While this might not seem like a big deal it actually is, and when you start using the headset you will begin to appreciate what the headset has to offer thanks to the design. First, the folding boom means that when the headset is not being used the most vulnerable part is not extended and available to be snapped off. In addition, since the boom is used for turning the headset on and off it becomes a key aspect of its ease-of-use.

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The unit that arrived for review a few weeks ago is the same Bluetooth headset, but it is now packaged with some accessories that add a tremendous amount of functionality. Together with the accessories the Jabra Supreme is sold as the Jabra Supreme UC.

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The Jabra Supreme UC features:

Jabra LINK™ 360 Bluetooth® USB adapter – Easy PC connectivity for UC calls

Is optimized for all leading UC platforms and latest generation softphones

Offers Multiuse™ – connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously

Lets you customize your headset and control devices with the Jabra CONNECT app

Has Active Noise Cancellation – removes ambient noise for the headset user

Has Noise Blackout™ 3.0 – reduces background noise significantly

Offers Voice Control and Voice Guidance for hands-free operation

Has a Flip-Boom arm – makes it easy to activate and carry

As Jabra explains:

Incredible sound for mobile & Internet: Unified Communication (UC) makes it easier for people to connect, communicate and work together. And, choosing the right headset can make all the difference.

The Jabra SUPREME UC Bluetooth Headset helps you get more from your UC experience with quality sound, easy connectivity and all-day comfort. The Jabra SUPREME UC headset improves the quality of your conversations.

State-of-the-art sound technologies such as HD Voice and Active Noise Cancellation ensure a more natural audio experience and crystal clear voice transmission for you and the person you are speaking with.

The perfect companion for your mobile and Internet calls: Experience incredible sound and stay connected – on the road, at the office, or at home – with the new Jabra SUPREME UC Bluetooth Headset. Connect to almost any Bluetooth-enabled device, and make and take calls from your PC using the latest softphone UC clients. Convenient plug & play connectivity – the discreet Bluetooth USB adaptor is pre-paired with the headset, making it easy to connect to the PC and get started – fast!

The patented Flip-boom arm combines high audio quality with easy handling and storage. It’s the ideal headset if you need high performance on the road or at the office. Simply unfold the flip-boom arm to switch ON and fold up to switch OFF. When in use, the microphone sits comfortably and close to your mouth. When not in use, it folds up neatly and conveniently to pocket size for easy storage.

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The Jabra Supreme UC includes a complete charging system. That means it includes not only the wall charger but also an automobile power adapter and cable so that you are able to charge the headset at home and on the go.

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The Jabra Supreme UC also includes a carrying case. While that might not seem to be a big deal initially it is for many of us. For example, my Bluetooth headsets will often find themselves thrown into whatever bag I’m using on any particular day. When a headset is in its naked state that doesn’t always turn out well for such delicate devices. Having a well-made, highly protective but easily accessible case for your headset is certainly a nice addition.

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Last, but certainly not least, since it is the accessory that really adds to the utility of this Bluetooth headset and expands its functionality the most, is the diminutive Bluetooth adapter. While every computer I have used over the past few years included Bluetooth and therefore could connect to a headset, having a USB Bluetooth dongle that can quickly and easily be inserted into a free USB port and is pre-paired with the headset is a huge convenience. It means I can pull out my laptop, plug in the adapter, flipped out the boom, and use the headset for VOiP calls in a matter of seconds.

In addition, and this is no small thing, the headset has Multiuse™ which means it can connect to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously. For example, you are able to connect to both a cellular phone and the Bluetooth dongle at the very same time. Add in the fact that the headset offers crisp clear sound and you have a winning mobility package.

If you want your Bluetooth headset to be as small and as unobtrusive as possible, then this isn’t the device for you. If, however, you couldn’t care less about its size, this is a great headset to consider. It is convenient, sounds excellent, and offers a degree of functionality that I have rarely seen in a Bluetooth headset. And all of that comes in a package that is under $150. You can learn more on Jabra’s website, and you can order yours here through our Amazon Affiliate Store.

MSRP: $149.99

What I Like: Great sounding headset with active noise cancellation; Boom brings the microphone close to your mouth; Headset turned on and off be extending or closing the boom; Comes with complete charging kit; Comes with case; Comes with pre-paired Bluetooth adapter for fast, convenient connectivity

What Needs Improvement: If you want a small, light, inexpensive headset look elsewhere

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