Nuheat Launches North America’s 1st WiFi Floor Heating Thermostat



When we bought our house, one thing the builder was proud of was radiant heating installed throughout. One downside it is slow to respond – so when the temperature here went from +50 to -30 back to +40 within 5 days our house seemed to always be too hot or too cold. The upside? The floors were never cold!

Now Nuheat, a maker of electric radiant heating systems, is introducing Nuheat SIGNATURE – the first WiFi controlled floor heater thermostat.

The Nuheat SIGNATURE will give homeowners full access to all thermostat settings with wireless remote access through a smartphone app (iOS or Android) or a web browser. Changing the temperature or schedule, or viewing energy usage will all be at the homeowners’ fingertips.

The Nuheat SIGNATURE is like no other in our industry,” said Wally Lo, Nuheat’s Product Manager. “It has been designed and developed exclusively for Nuheat by OJ Electronics and after over a year of development, we are extremely excited to bring it to market. Extensive market research from homeowners and contractors alike confirmed the market is expecting connectivity for remote access. A myriad of household products ranging from locks to lights to heating systems offer the ease of on-the-go control. Our new thermostat allows the user to activate the floor heat for vacation properties or, to simply turn up the heat for a cozy return home.”

Here are some of the features:

· WiFi – Easily connects to Wi-Fi network; 802.11 b/g/n compatible and a fully secure network WEP, WPA and WPA2
· Screen – 3.5”, 320×480 pixel color backlit LCD touchscreen
· Remote access – Control via free smartphone apps (iOS and Android) or a web browser
· Programmable – 7-day programmability
· Adaptive – Adapts turn-on time to ensure floor is always warm at your scheduled time
· Weather – Outdoor temperature and weather forecast information available according to zip/postal code; supported by The Weather Channel
· Energy Usage –View hourly, weekly and monthly usage on the thermostat unit
· Nuheat User Portal – Control thermostats in multiple zones/rooms/homes and input local kilowatt charges and heated area square footage for more detailed energy costs
· Universally compatible – Compatible with most electric floor heating systems (those with a 10K ? sensor)
· Easy to Use – “Set-up Wizard” and Test Mode for proper installation
· Flooring – Suitable for tile and stone and has a temperature limiting (82°F) feature for laminate and engineered wood floors

The Nuheat SIGNATURE will be available in spring 2014 priced at $265.00. For more info head to Nuheat.

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