The Jetart NP7600W Aluminum Notebook Cooler Review

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One of the first things I noticed about my new FujitsuT4215 was that it gets pretty hot while running in laptop mode. See, there’s this vent on the left hand side, and it cranks out heat like there’s no tomorrow…and the bottom of the laptop get’s pretty warm, too. Which is why it seemed particularly timely when I received a review sample of the new Jetart NP7600W Aluminum Notebook Cooler.

Measuring 15.75″ wide x 11″ deep x 1.75″ tall in the rear, the NP7600 is meant to hold 15″ to 17″ Notebook computers. There is also a smaller version, the NP7600, available for 12″ to 15″ laptops. Included in the box are the notebook cooler, a USB connecting cable, a power connector and four rubber feet.

The cooler’s top plate is composed of heat dissipating aluminum, which appears to have been anodized black. Two 2300 rpm fans have been built into the cooler, with their bodies housed in the matte black plastic which also serves as an ergonomic rear riser. There are four rubber feet on the bottom which keep the cooler from skidding. The four rubber feet included in the box are to stick to the top side of the cooler if the user’s laptop does not already have anything grippy on its bottom, or if extra ventilation is desired between the laptop and the cooler.

Power – Dual Voltage (100 – 240V) AC Adapter
Rated Voltage –
DC 5.0 V
Rated Current –
2.0 A
Power Consumption –
10 W
Fan Speed – 2300 R. P. M.

Bearing Type – Sleeve Bearing

The NP7600W has four 2.0 USB ports built into its rear, which allows it to function as great desktop docking station. The fans and USB ports can run without external AC power by drawing from the laptop’s reserves via the USB connector cable.

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There is a power on and off switch which controls the dual fans, a DC in port for the power adapter, a mini port for the connecting USB cable, and four USB ports for peripherals. The dual fans are very quiet when they are running – unless you are in a completely quiet room, you most likely won’t be bothered by the generated white noise.

As far as real world usage, I can tell you that the cooler does exactly as it says it will. Temperatures are noticeably cooler when my Tablet is sitting on the cooler and the fans are running. The heat pumping from the laptop’s left vent is dissipated over the aluminum surface, and the laptop’s bottom is noticeably cooler. Since I have been using the larger size cooler (requested when I was using the larger sized Toshiba laptop), I have gotten in the habit of laying my digital pen and Altec Lansing M604 remote control there. 😉

The Jetart NP7600W Aluminum Notebook Cooler is a device which combines good looks with necessary function. I like the way that the cooler raises the rear of my Fujitsu when it’s in laptop mode, and I appreciate the way it keeps this little heat factory cooled. The four USB ports on the rear allow me to keep my Zune, Treo, Logitech mouse and Seagate external hard drive hooked to the laptop with one easily disconnected USB plug – which is extremely useful since I am often unhooking to go to tablet mode. If you have been looking for a laptop cooler that does more than just cool, then this may be the perfect one.

The Jetart NP7600W Aluminum Notebook Cooler is available directly from the manufacturer. To order click the “add to inquiry cart” button on?the item’s page, and Jetart will respond with purchasing details.
MSRP: $59.99
What I Like: Fans are quiet, it definitely cools the laptop, four 2.0 USB ports allow cooler to serve as a desktop peripheral docking station,
What Needs Improvement: Nothing, it works as advertised

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