The Mobile Edge Monaco Notebook Case Review

I’ve always enjoyed reviewing the laptop bags offered by Mobile Edge, because they make some of the best looking and most reasonably priced computer totes available. Today I am going to take a close look at the Monaco Notebook Case, which from the outside appears to be a stylish but still somewhat conservative laptop bag, but its brightly colored interior holds a few surprises.

The Monaco’s exterior is composed of quilted black nylon with faux leather trim, and it is available with either white or pink contrast stitching. From the outside, it very much resembles the Hermes Plume bag, with a Chanel twist; add a chain or two and one would really have to wonder at the bag’s inspiration. 😉

Measuring approximately 16″ wide x 12.5″ tall x 3.5″ deep, the tote is sized to accept laptops measuring up to 15.4″, as well as the other items a busy professional might need while carrying her laptop. Four metal feet protect the bottom and help it stand upright.

All of the metal hardware is silver toned, and the zippers – which are described as “self-healing” – have 1.5″ pull tabs for easy opening and closing.

The shoulder straps are 26″ long with a 10″ drop; the 1.25″ wide straps are flat, but they are turned at the curve so they will lie flat on the wearer’s arm.

A matching and removable mobile phone case is included which will fit devices measuring up to 4″ tall x 2.5″ wide x 0.6″ thick. It can be attached to a strap, carried separately, or placed inside.

The dual exterior zippers go down 3/4 of the way on each of the bag’s sides to allow ample access to the interior. When opened, the bright red suede-like interior is a refreshing blast of color. Judging by the pictures on the Mobile Edge site, the bag with pink stitching has a matching pink poly-suede interior.

The bag’s interior compartment is divided into four sections.

Against the back wall, and secured by a 2″ wide elastic strap which secured with Velcro, is a padded laptop sleeve. It is hard to measure, but it feels as if there is at least 0.25″ foam all the way around the laptop, which should provide effective cushioning for daily bumps and shocks.

There are effectively two separate sections for files and papers. The first is in front of the laptop sleeve, and the other is in the stiff center pocket. Both of these areas will be handy for carrying papers while keeping them neat.

The last section includes an organization panel built into the wall which features a removable wallet, two elastic pen holders, an elastic lipstick loop (essential!), and the incredible Mobile Edge Wireless Security Shield pocket. At the bottom of this panel is a poly-suede slash pocket measuring approximately 14″ wide x 4″ tall. It is secured at its top by a single black snap.

The removable matching wallet measures 7″ long x 4.5″ wide. Inside its shiny red polyester interior is an approximately 0.5″ deep open area with two flat ID or credit card slot pockets on the back wall. The front flap of the wallet is kept shut with a 3″ long strip of Velcro. I would prefer that the closure method have been a snap instead, but the Velcro works well.

The wallet is secured to the wall of the bag by a clever loop and Velcro patch system.

The 6″ tall x 4.25″ wide x 0.75″ deep gusseted Wireless Security Shield pocket is a feature which is truly unique to Mobile Edge bags. This pocket utilizes a Zinc lining which blocks electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies.

Mobile phones, pagers and wireless PDAs placed in this pocket will not receive or send a signal…at all. It’s really pretty cool and a great way to ensure that phone calls are not received at inopportune times; they will go straight to voicemail.

As do all the other Mobile Edge bags I’ve reviewed, the Monaco includes a cloth storage bag for times when the bag is being rotated with others in the user’s collection; I sure do wish that all bag manufacturers would do this!

Okay, so all that’s left is to show the bag on a live model – and here I am. As you can see, the bag is large (but not overwhelming) on my 5’10” frame.

The Mobile Edge Monaco Notebook Case is a nice change from plain laptop bags. It manages to look feminine and professional at the same time, but the sub $100 price will be what makes it a very attractive option for any female that wants a closet full of options instead of just one expensive everyday bag.

The Mobile Edge Monaco Notebook Case is available directly from Mobile Edge, Kolobags, and other retailers.
The Monaco Notebook Case comes with a lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship.
MSRP: $99.99
What I Like: Classic and pretty, excellent features, holds 15.4 laptop, multiple pockets and separated compartments, Wireles Security Shield pocket, padded laptop compartment, excellent price
What Needs Improvement: Nothing – it’s an excellent bag for a great price

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