The APIOTEK VP-0002 USB Skype Phone Review

As a VoIP phone, the APIOTEK VP-0002 could be the thinnest in the world with only 7.5mm thickness; it has been 100% developed for?use with?Skype. Unlike other regular Skype phone handsets, the APIOTEK VP-0002 has a shiny, elegant design?due to its stainless metal back casing. It reminds me of?the Apple iPod and Nokia 8810 GSM cell phone.

The APIOTEK VP-0002 Skype USB Phone is a product from Taiwan. An official link of the product is here for reference.

Functions and specifications are shown outside the box.

The package contains a USB handset, USB cable, user guide and driver CD.

– STYLISH Metal Mobile Phone Design
– Ultra Slim Design – Only 7.5mm
– Compatible with Skype
– Supports MSN/Yahoo Messenger…
– Compatible with USB V1.1/2.0
– Display LED function
– Supports Record Function(PC/Windows Only)
– Supports PC & Mac

Model Name
‘STYLISH VoIP Phone : VP-0002
Description VoIP Phone for Skype / MSN / Yahoo Messenger …
Dimension 7.5D x 36.5W x 123H (mm)
Operation Voltage +3.3V ~+3.0V
(+/-5% wide range power supply)
Interface USB 1.1/2.0
System Environment Operating Temperature: 0?C ~50?C
Operating Humidity: 10% ~90%RH
System Requirements Supports Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and VISTA ready
Mac 8.6, 9.x, 10.1.2, and above
Design Taiwan Design

God! I do love her naked shiny back…

When connected to a PC, the green LED lights up as a power indicator. The red LED will turn on as the microphone is muted.

What about the actual size? Here I’ve put it together with a CD for reference.

Compare it with my HP Jornada PDA and Nokia E70 cellphone.

The ultra slim design measures 7.5mm, which is just a little bit thicker than a mini USB connector.

It is a bit heavy while holding in hand. Nice touch!

How it works

Needless to say, the driver CD must first be installed on the PC.

1. Connect to PC and wait for few seconds to activate the VoIP phone.

2. Pressing “S” (the key with light blue Skype logo) will recall the Skype program. Press “on hook” to end your call and Skype?will continue?running in the background?in standby mode.

3. The main screen of Skype can be easily switched by pressing “S” continuously.

4. Use “Up” and “Down” keys are?for contacts selection.

5. Press “off hook”(Dial) key can redial the last call.

6. Voice recorder – Recording function can be turned on whenever the “Record” key is pressed. Recorded voice will be stored as WAV files.

7. All keys on the VP-0002 handset are fully supported?by Skype operation.

It is very easy to make a Skype phone call by using only the VP-0002 handset, no assistance is needed from the PC’s mouse?or keyboard while in operation.

Making APIOTEK VP-0002 work with MSN messenger

Without Skype support, the APIOTEK VP-0002 can only be treated as a USB microphone/headphone set. We still have to make some changes to have it fit to MSN messenger. And here are the steps:

Entering “Audio and Video setting” from Tool menu of MSN messenger, Click on “Next” to start setting.

Redirect speaker setting to “USB Audio Device”.

Redirect microphone setting to “USB Audio Device” also.

Right after the setting, now the VP-0002 can work with MSN messenger perfectly.

The APIOTEK VP-0002 may be purchased from the manufacturer.
MSRP: $39
What I like:
1. Shiny metal casing makes an elegant look.
2. Ultra slim design, easy to store.
3. 100% compatible with Skype. Convenient and easy to use.
4. Ringtones on PC and the VP-0002 handset can be defined separately without conflict.
(More ringtones can be downloaded from the Skype official site)
What Needs Improvement:
1. It is better to have a wiping cloth shipped with the box since it will remain finger prints on the surface. Also a soft case comes with the box will be preferred so the unit can be stored with a better protection.
2. Unlike a TV remote, the touch of the thin film keyboard on VP-0002 is not so responsive. It could be the compromise between quality and size.

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