The Smartphone Experts Metal Cover for Apple iPhone Review

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The Smartphone Experts Metal Cover for Apple iPhone Review Listen to this article

This case is for all of the minimalists out there – those who want to put their iPhone in a pocket, who don’t want a lot of bulk, but who are worried about the screen because things can happen inside pockets. Well, there will be one less thing to worry about if your iPhone is in the Smartphone Experts Metal Cover.

This is another of the cases Vincent sent me from the MY iTablet Store, and knowing me as well as he does – he arranged to have the hot pink version sent. For those of you that aren’t feeling the flashy, there are also much more conservative versions available in black or silver.

photo courtesy of MY iTablet store


A study in true minimalism, the metal cover is meant to protect the iPhone’s screen when it is not in use. A simple slider design allows the easy removal of the case when the phone is needed. But I am getting ahead of myself…

The slider measures 4.25? tall x 2.1? wide, and its back is lined in cushy neoprene with the side arms in grippy black rubber.


The slider itself is made of beautiful (and in this instance quite colorful) anodized aluminum.


The cover can be placed so that it protects either the screen or the back of the iPhone. It will not slip off, and yet it is easy enough to remove.


This is minimalist perfection – when it is on the back of the iPhone you can make calls and access all buttons and sliders – to use the camera just slide the cover down half an inch or so. When you are ready to stick the iPhone back in your pocket, reinsert the cover on top of the screen.


No, this case will not protect your iPhone’s corners should you drop it, but it will perfectly protect the screen from just about any pocket disaster; it is minimalistic perfection.

The Smartphone Experts Metal Cover for Apple iPhone is available from the MY iTablet store and other retailers.
MSRP: $14.95
What I Like: Perfectly protects the iPhone’s screen and can be moved to the back when using the phone
What Needs Improvement: It’s minimal – so don’t expect corner protection

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