The Smartphone Experts Screen Protector for Apple iPhone Review


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When I first got my iPhone, Vincent said he was going to hook me up with a bunch of cool accessories from the MY iTablet store. I told him no problem, as long as he didn’t mind me writing reviews about the items he sent. I figured he’d send an iPhone case or two, but what I got instead was a box full of goodies. If I didn’t already know this about V, it would have all been confirmed with this shipment – the man does not mess around. What will follow are several reviews about the accessories he sent – including several that will feature prominently in a soon to be posted iPhone Clear Case SMACKDOWN.

So without further ado, let me tell you about the first product I opened and immediately used – the Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors for Apple iPhone, which is basically a full screen overlay for the iPhone. Since most iPhone case manufacturers seem to appreciate that users like to keep their touchscreen uncovered and as accessible as possible, having a clear overlay just makes sense.


The Smartphone version is a simple paper pack with three protectors included. Just like the silicone-based PDA screen protectors that I prefer over any others, these are meant to be easy to apply and easy to lift if you get them off-center somehow. If you accidentally trap a piece of debris underneath that needs removing, the protector can be lifted with a bit of clear tape and the offending debris can be removed with another piece of tape (sticky side to sticky side).


Smartphone Experts screen protectors have a built-in tab on the piece of clear film which peels from the protector, and I found them to be some of the easiest I have ever installed. Part of the credit for this goes to the iPhone however, since its screen has not got the traditional raised casing framing it.


Here is the protector installed, and except for the split around the iPhone’s home button, you wouldn’t even know it was there. It is mostly crystal clear, but it has some anti-glare properties which give it a little bit of shimmer when held just right in the light and the tiniest (almost completely unnoticeable) bit of texture.


I installed this protector on my iPhone on December 21, and it has stayed on ever since – looking great and doing a fine job of protecting my precious. It is also part of the duo that I credit with protecting my iPhone when I managed to drop it on the concrete outside while grilling steaks on Christmas Day; you can’t imagine my horror, and then my relief when I saw that everything was A-OK. I’ll talk about the case that was sacrificed in another review, but in the meantime – if you don’t have protection on your iPhone, get some. Start with this low-cost and effective protector which doesn’t affect any of the finger-touching properties of the iPhone’s screen.

The Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors for Apple iPhone are available from the MY iTablet store and other retailers.
MSRP: 15.95 for a pack of three
What I Like: Easy to install: easy to peel off if necessary; great screen protection; three in the pack if you mess up
What Needs Improvement: Nothing, I consider it an essential

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