February 2009

Corinex Power Line Networking Transmitters/Receivers Review

Broadband networking. Its something that EVERYONE wants in their home…in every home across America… heck, in every home across the world. The biggest problem with getting broadband in your home is not necessarily availability (though that is an issue), but piping the signal though your home.

HP2140- My First Hack

One of the things that has been most significant since I made the move to using Apple’s products almost exclusively, is the fact that I have become very spoiled. I now want and expect electronics that not only work well, but also have a high degree of polished aesthetics, so that when I use the devices, they not only function well; but they also look and feel great while I use them. This is certainly the case with my iPhone and iPod Touch which continually amaze me; to a slightly lesser, but no less profound degree, this is also the…

AltusLumen PAD-L Review

Need a durable LED Light that has multiple uses?  Need a light that is good for the environment?  Then the AltusLumen‘s PAD-L may be the light for you.

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8900 – why the lack of 3G may not matter as much as you think

Have you been pondering whether to purchase a BlackBerry 8900 or T-Mobile? Every review I’ve read says the lack of faster 3G data (the 8900 is EDGE only) is a deal killer. Nobody wants the pokey stuff now the blazing 3G speeds are available for about the same monthly fee. I agree in concept. Given a choice – faster cellular data is always better. Always. However before you write off T-Mobile’s 8900, let me give you my pitch about why I just bought an 8900 and why you should take a serious second look at this device.

HP 2140 In The House

Chris and I have been having quite a good time tweaking our MSI Wind netbooks. Both of us have run Mac OSX and Chris, who’s been a bit more aggressive in his hacking, now has his device booting with three different operating systems. Why then, you might ask, is my MSI Wind now in the Philippines with one of my writers from What’s On iPhone? It’s a long story that reflects my technology — fickleness.

PDair leather case for iPod Touch 2

This holiday season just like millions of households, the Schulz family made a contribution to Apple’s earnings with the purchase of two iPod Touch’s. The kids have loved these devices and one of the first things I HAD to do was get a case for each of them. My daughter chose the Otterbox Defender. My son wanted a flip top case so we went with the PDair leather case.

Koala’s Bucket

No, it’s not a new computer game, but the cuteness overload while checking out this koala’s bucket was so great that I had to share. I’m unsure this email’s original source, but mom just passed it on to me. You might want some coffee to go with this sweet… It has been so hot in South Australia for over a week…40+ degrees Celsius (104 degree Fahrenheit) everyday, very dry also. A guy at work lives at Maude. His wife sent him these photos of a little Koala which just walked into the back porch looking for a bit of heat…

Quirky Life Vest wine bottle holder will hold wine but not small children or pets

Here’s a fun party gift for those summer gatherings at the lake. Make no mistake this isn’t a real life vest, the fabric is quilted and not suitable for flotation and therefore not approved for use on small children or pets. It will hold your wine bottle quite nicely so buckle in a bottle and present it to your hostess. Sure to be the hot topic of the party. Fits standard wine bottles 11-1/2″ x 5-1/2″. Life Vest Wine Bottle Cover

Food Face Plate – another “why didn’t I think of that” moment

I’d like to think my kids are neat enough to create some of the pretty images shown on the Food Face Plate sample images. I think however that they’d go way overboard and have food smeared completely covering the plate, themselves and the floor – in other words it would be just like any other dinner at the Schulz house. File this one under “why didn’t I think of it”. Hmm – I wonder if the school would accept this as my daughter’s science fair project…

USB Fever/iPDA Auto Charger/FM Transmitter for 5G iPod Review

Some of the best things about having an iPod is being able to play YOUR music just about anywhere, any time you want.  If you’re the kind of person that has the music in them all the time, allowing it to resonate in your ears when you want or need it to is important (hence, the reason why you bought your iPod in the first place). Like many older cars, my 2001 Honda CRV doesn’t have any kind of a built-in MP3 connection.  What I do have is a cassette deck and an AM/FM radio. As such, I’m left with…

Glasi Hergiswil Pilsner Beer Glass Review

Hello, my name is Christopher, and I like beer. In fact, in my humble opinion, there is only ONE thing that I like about living in Chicago during the winter – my garage keeps my beer colder than my refrigerator.  When they say in those beer commercials that the beverage is best served cold, come to my house between Thanksgiving and Tax Day.  The beer here will be chilled to perfection, and likely, worth the trip into the Great White (Almost) North. When Gear Diary was recently approached by Terra Keramik and asked if we’d like to review their Glasi…

Review – Noreve Leather Sleeve For 13′ MacBook

I had the opportunity to review Noreve’s case for the MSI Wind here on this site, and one of the company’s cases for the iPhone 3G over on What’sOniPhone. As a result I have become a huge fan of their products. Today, I have the opportunity to review the Noreve leather sleeve for the MacBook and MacBook Air. At just over $75  (base price) the leather case falls in the mid range when it comes to price. Where does it fall with regard to quality and aesthetics? Let’s take a look —

The NewerTech Voyager Q Review

Not long after Kevin and I began dating, his ancient Dell started wheezing. Rather quickly, he realized that his desktop was about to give up the ghost, and our main concern became getting data off the hard drives. Because neither of us had an easy way to access the information on those two internal 80GB drives, we ended up taking his box to a computer tech in San Angelo. We brought along an external hard drive (my Seagate 400GB), and instructed the tech to transfer the data to it if the computer could not be saved. Two weeks later, we…