PDair leather case for iPod Touch 2

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This holiday season just like millions of households, the Schulz family made a contribution to Apple’s earnings with the purchase of two iPod Touch’s. The kids have loved these devices and one of the first things I HAD to do was get a case for each of them. My daughter chose the Otterbox Defender. My son wanted a flip top case so we went with the PDair leather case.

One of the first concerns about adding a case to the iPod Touch should be whether it adds any bulk to the device. After all, you’ve just paid a premium for a thin Apple music player and you shouldn’t be looking to “fatten” it up.

The PDair offers a plastic screen cover built into the case as well. I love this feature because my kids seem to have perpetual “little kid sticky hand syndrome” and the clear plastic provides great protection to the front of the iPod Touch without interfering at all with the touch sensitivity.

Luckily the PDair leather case adds minimal bulk even with the top flap and think screen protector. There is an optional belt clip (included) that can be removed to make the case even thinner.

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Another issue that can be a concern with flip cases is whether they block or obscure access to any part of the device. I found that everything was accessible – front screen, buttons, headphone jack. My son hasn’t removed the iPod Touch since we bought the case.

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Link: PDair iPod Touch Leather Case
Price: $ 28

What I Liked:
– Excellent leather quality
– Durable
– Thin
– Fast shipping from PDair

What Could Be Improved:
– My son hasn’t complained about anything and he’s still using the case – so my answer here is nothing.

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