Review: USB Fever Super Travel A/C USB Wall Chargers

When I came across the Super Travel A/C USB Wall Chargers from, I thought they were a great idea!  So I asked USB Fever to send a set to me, I received it yesterday, and I like it even more than I thought I would.  This charger is going to save me from carting 3-4 charger adapters along, plus it will also save precious power outlets in my hotel room when I go to DC in a week.


As you can see, this charger would also be great when you travel abroad, as it has adapters so you can use this while in Europe as well as at home here in the US.  You won’t be without a USB port for charging, even if you don’t have a computer with you when your traveling.


Pulling the end off of the charger exposes the 5th charging port, which is all set for phones that charge from a Mini-B USB port.  My G1 uses this connector for charging as does the Neek Speaker I just reviewed.  The other four ports are ready to accept a charge/sync cable from other devices.


In the above picture, I have my G1, an iPod Nano and the Neak Speaker all charging at the same time.


Even with 3 devices plugged in, I still have 2 ports which can charge other devices – or maybe even power some other USB device.  The only limit is amperage; the charger is limited to 3 amps max.  You would be hard pressed to exceed that even with all the ports occupied, but it can happen with some devices drawing as much as 1.5 A; just check your owner’s manuals for the devices you’re plugging in to be sure.  I would have tested it with all five ports occupied, but I don’t have that many USB charging devices!

I did have one device that will charge when plugged into a computer, but not when plugged into this device – my Sony PSP.  This device must rely on a data connection occurring or use some other method for determining when it should go into charge mode.

The best use I can think of for this device is to use it to help others.  When at the airport, if you are plugged in and notice that others need a charge, this device could help your fellow passengers top off their phones before their flight leaves. All they have to do is provide a USB Sync/Charge cable, and up to four other people can charge their phones from one USB outlet.  This could save arguments fighting over that only accessible outlet in the gate lounge!

The Super Travel A/C USB Wall Charger is available from for $25.99.

What I liked: Charge multiple devices from one AC outlet.

What needs improvement: Nothing.

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