Parrot Makes Fathers Day Gift Giving Simple and Fun

Are you looking for a last minute Fathers Day gift? Look no further than Parrot, as they have everything a tech-loving dad could want. Drones from toy, to consumer, to prosumer levels, headphones, and connected gardening solutions, Parrot has something for everyone. Check out the list below for our suggestions, but be sure to check out Parrot’s website for more.

In the Drone category, Parrot has some great options:

The Parrot SWING is a neat minidrone with four rotors in an X-wing shape.  It can take off vertically like a quadcopter but flies straight like a plane.  The Parrot MAMBO is more of a typical minidrone, but it can be equipped with a grabber or a fun ball cannon.  It can be controlled with your phone and flown indoors.

Parrot SWING

Parrot MAMBO

The Parrot BEBOP 2 FPV is a full-featured drone with 1080p video and first person view capabilities with the included Cockpitglasses.  The BEBOP 2 is controlled using Parrot’s Skycontroller 2 and has a range of 1.24 miles and battery capacity of about 25 minutes for long flights.

Parrot BEBOP 2 Adventurer Pack.
Photo courtesy of Parrot.

The Parrot DISCO FPV is super-cool fixed-wing drone with one large rotor on the back.  It has a stated top speed of a whopping 50 miles per hour and when paired with the included Cockpitglasses, it must be a heck of a good time.  The DISCO has a range of 1.24 miles and a battery life of about 45 minutes.

Parrot DISCO Adventurer Pack.
Photo courtesy of Parrot.

And just in time for Father’s Day, Parrot is releasing BEBOP 2 and DISCO Adventurer Packs.  Each Adventurer Pack includes the drone, Skycontroller 2 controller, Cockpitglasses FPV goggles, additional batteries, companion apps, and a backpack with which you can carry your drone.  The BEBOP 2 Adventurer Pack will sell for $579.99 and the DISCO Adventurer Pack will sell for $999.99.

Moving away from drones now, Parrot also has a neat indoor/outdoor smart pot called the Parrot POT that monitors the plant’s needs and will water your plant automatically when it’s necessary.  The pot will also monitor temperatures, fertilization needs, moisture, and sunlight.  It’ll make even the worst gardeners appear to have a green thumb.

Parrot POT

If your dad likes music, Parrot also offers the Zik 3 Bluetooth headset.  It’s a Bluetooth headset designed by Phillipe Starck that offers features such as great sound, wireless charging, adaptive noise control, and proximity detection.  It utilizes touch controls on the earcup to control volume, tracks, and play/pause and has an 18-hour battery.

Parrot Zik 3

If these gifts from Parrot don’t strike your fancy, check out Parrot’s website for even more gadgets and gizmos.  They do have an excellent variety of options to choose from.  Plus, stay tuned to Gear Diary where we’ll have a full review of the BEBOP 2 FPV coming soon!

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