Review – iKlear iPod, iPhone & Macbook Cleaning Kit

Review - iKlear iPod, iPhone & Macbook Cleaning Kit

Devices looking dingy and dirty?  Brand new iPod looking like it’s a first generation?  iKlear is a premier line of cleaning kits designed to safely clean, protect and preserve all Apple products.  Their products, which are manufactured in California, are all anti-static and alcohol and ammonia free.  The iKlear line or products will help you get your device looking like it just came out of the box.

iKlear is safe to use on your iPod, iPhone, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iBook, PowerBook, iMac, G5, MacPro, Apple Cinema and Studio Displays.  The iKlear cleaning kits comes complete with an Anti-Static, Anti Microbial Cleaning Cloth, 2 Micro Chamois (one large and one small) and a Micro Fiber (terry like cloth.)  Both of the micro fiber cleaning cloths are washable.  The Anti-Static cloth is meant to be used for the iPhone and Apple keyboards.

Review - iKlear iPod, iPhone & Macbook Cleaning Kit

Also included is a 2 ounce bottle of the iKlear cleaning solution.

Review - iKlear iPod, iPhone & Macbook Cleaning Kit

And you also receive 6 individually package travel wipes.

Review - iKlear iPod, iPhone & Macbook Cleaning Kit

The instructions are clear.  Your first turn off the device which is to be cleaned.  You then moisten a corner of one of the micro chamois with the cleaning solution and proceed to wipe the screen in straight lines, not circles.  You may also, if you so choose, spray the screen directly with the solution just as long as you use it sparingly.  You are told to avoid getting any of the solution on track pads or click wheels.

Review - iKlear iPod, iPhone & Macbook Cleaning Kit

After you’ve have applied the solution you then polish it away using a dry portion of the micro chamois and use the same straight line motion until all the solution has been polished away and the entire display is clear.

I tested the cleaning kit on two old iPods I had laying around.  A Nano and a iPod Video.  While the solution got the screen clean it did not get rid of any of the scratches I have on my Nano.  But the product manufacturer recommends you use it once a week so I imagine if you were to use the product often enough and from the moment you peeled the plastic protective overlay off the screen, scratches might either be avoided or be lessened.

Review - iKlear iPod, iPhone & Macbook Cleaning Kit  Review - iKlear iPod, iPhone & Macbook Cleaning Kit

The directions for using the solution on other devices such as monitors, LCDs, etc. is rather similar.  Clean the screen, apply the solution, and polish it off.  The manufacturer recommends a specific cloth for each device and that’s all spelled out in the included instructions.

So if you want to keep that screen on your Apple device looking like the day you bought it check out the iKlear line of products.  Use the solution once a week and your device should retain that just out of the protective film look.  While it won’t necessarily restore your beat up device to factory new it’ll certainly make it look better on a day to day basis.

More information can be found on the iKlear web site.

M.S.R.P – $19.95

What I like: Total cleaning solution with several cleaning cloths and travel wipes all included in one package.

What I don’t like: Doesn’t remove all scratches, only 2 oz. of cleaning solution.

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