Word Tower for iPhone/Touch Review

From the Developer:

Word Tower: A challenging, fast-paced word play game for the iPhone/iTouch

What do you get when you mix up Scrabble, Boggle and Tetris and add the flipping, shaking and sliding that only the iPhone/iTouch can do? WORD TOWER! In this one-of-a-kind word game, create words out of stacks of letters before they pile up and form a tower. But don’t look down too long; more letters are falling your way! Catch them on the way down to place them strategically. As you advance through levels, an array of special tiles will challenge your strategic skills and quick thinking. Four modes, basic to genius, will keep you challenged and coming back for more. WORD TOWER is ideal for quick breaks, epic sessions and everything in between. You can also compare your scores online with players around the world.

Even though hardcore gaming has become much improved on the iPhone platform, casual and puzzle games still have a place on my phone.  The developers describe the game as a mix of Scrabble, Boggle, and Tetris.  That was exactly my thought while playing the game.

The basic idea of the game is to clear letter blocks by creating words as other letters fall from the top.  To create a word, simply drag your finger and connect the letters.  Each letter is assigned a point value similar to scrabble.  When the letter is cleared, those points are awarded.  Words can be built from letters moving in any direction including diagonals.  The key to keeping the game moving and getting higher scores is seeing words built in all directions.  When it feels like there are no more words to build, turn your phone upside down.  The letters will fall back to the bottom creating a different view possibly resulting in more words.  Special tiles can be used for bonus points or can provide obstacles.  Either way, special tiles help create a better gaming experience.

The graphics are polished and professional and the sounds are average.  The strength of Word Tower is the game play.  My only complaint of the game is difficulty in choosing the correct letters when different angles are being utilized.  This is especially problematic during more difficult levels when the game is fast paced and hectic.  If you are a fan of word games check this out.  Word Tower is currently on sale for $.99 and is available here in the App Store.

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