Delete your cell phone’s information before you sell

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In case you missed this story, Yahoo posted a funny little PSA on how to go about what not to do when it comes to dispose of your old cell phone.

Clearly the folks at Missouri University didn’t read Carly’s recent reminder about how to go about deleting information off your cell phone before you get rid of it.

It seems the athletic department at Missouri University had some old cell phones to get rid of.  The phones were sold at a University surplus sale and when the buyer, Bellman, purchased 25 of them for $190 he discovered that none of the information, (address book, text messages, e-mails etc.) had been deleted.

One of the phones, a Sprint Treo, had belonged to the school’s head basketball coach Mike Anderson and had on it messages between him and the school’s head football coach Gary Pinkel.

It turns out none of the information was all that controversial.  Most of the messages were well wishes on upcoming games etc.  But imagine if they phones did contain important data such as recruiting information or game plans.

Just another reminder to make sure you protect yourself and fully delete everything off that old cell phone before you sell it.

You can read the entire article here.

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