Cobra Tag Helps You Find Anything Including Your Phone

Cobra Tag Helps You Find Anything Including Your Phone

Are you the type that misplaces things like keys, your car remote or your purse?  Then the Cobra Tag may be for you.  Cobra Tag is a Bluetooth device that works in conjunction with your phone.  Once set up, if you walk away from the item your phone will alert you that you forgot your keys. What if that item is your phone?  Cobra Tag has that covered too.  If you walk away from your phone AND have the tag, then the tag itself will alert you that you left your phone behind.  The app works on Blackberry and Android devices.  No word yet on iPhone availability, or on how they plan to fix the problem when you leave both your phone and your keys behind! 🙂

For more information, check out the Cobra Tag’s site.   You can order it direct from Cobra for $59.95.


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