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I was a big fan of SCOTTEVEST’s technology enabled clothing long before I began writing for tech sites. It just appealed to my inner geek. I got one of their classic vests, as well as their mid-weight jackets, long before most people had heard of the company and wore them for years.

Those jackets were among some of the earlier designs Scott and Co. offered but were already highly functional. I had not, however, seen any of the more recent designs other than through occasionally browsing the online catalog and posting news on Gear Diary.

Judie was sent one of their more current jackets, the Evolution Travel Jacket in a Small, but she thought it was a little snug. I had long had my eye on this design, but unfortunately I am a size medium. Fortunately Elana (my wife) is a size small, and while she doesn’t carry a lot of gear, she usually has enough with her that this seemed like it might be a good fit for her. Judie was kind enough to send it to Elana, and it arrived today. While Elana hasn’t seen it yet, I have no doubt she is going to like it… a lot. For my part it let me see and appreciate how SCOTTEVEST’s products have evolved over the years. What do I think??

From The Company:


This jacket represents a true evolution in our design. If you had just one all-purpose, water-resistant breathable jacket, this would be it. Warmer than a shell/windbreaker, but more comfortable, with 25 hidden pockets and compartments, removable sleeves and removable hood, it is perfect for travel, hiking, exploring, listening to music, or anything else you can think of. The stylish design fits into almost any environment, from college campus to business casual. Very cool red piping accents on the interior are enclosed in a very stealthy exterior.

The Evolution Jacket is made of lightweight, water-resistant breathable fabric with a silky lining. It has fewer, yet more purposeful, pockets. Small, discrete graphic labels on some of the pockets offer suggested uses, so you don’t forget where you put things. You can even control your iPod®/Nano®/iPhone® through the fabric. With special hidden pockets for your travel documents, cell phone, iPod®/Nano®/iPhone®, GPS unit, water bottle, etc., you will have a place to carry all your gear. ENAFF (waterproof, windproof, breathable, environmentally safe) incorporating membrane laminating technology.


  • 25 purposeful pockets, perfect for all your travel essentials
  • Water-resistant, breathable, wrinkle-resistant ENAFF™ material
  • Zip-off sleeves and removable hood for multi-climate use
  • Incorporates the patented Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • Incorporates weight management system and NoBulge™ pocket design
  • Magnetic pockets and windflap closures
  • Silky lining
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Available in Black and Marine Blue
  • Machine Washable

My Thoughts:

There is no question that Scott’s designs have evolved and become more refined with each product generation. The zippers seem heavier-duty,


the iPod pocket and headphone pass-through is better than before


and the overall cable management is more useful and secure than on the jackets I have. I really like the red trim on the evolution. It gives it come style while maintaining the simple black that is my personal preference.

Evolution Travel Jacket

In addition, the fact that the sleeves zip off let this jacket function in even more climates and situations.

Evolution Travel Jacket

It is a great jacket in its own right. Add to it the fact that it holds a boatload of stuff without looking like it and… well it is super functional for techie and non-techie alike.

In all I’m impressed to see what the company has done between the ones I have and Elana’s new jacket, and I have no doubt the line-up will continue to improve.

If you are looking for a holiday gift for a gear-lover or general travel-hound this is a great place to consider starting! For more details on the product line take a look at the company website.

The SCOTTEVEST Evolution Travel Jacket has an MSRP of $150 and can be ordered here.

What I Like: Super functional, tons of pockets, use with or without sleeves, I love the way it looks, wrist and bottom enclosures to keep wind and cold out

What Needs Improvement: Sometimes there are SO MANY pockets, it can be hard to figure out where you stashed your stuff

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  10. Heh. Yeah, it IS hard to recall where everything is when you stuff your pockets with gear for travel. I have a few different SeVs, and ran into that issue a few years ago (wife never lets me live it down). We went on a trip and I could not find my wallet once we arrived at the hotel. I thought it may have been left in a taxi and spent a good 45 minutes trying to track down the taxi to get my wallet. Yeah, the wallet was in one of the many SeV pockets. Now, if we travel, I quickly hear “wallet check?” Then I scramble for the proper SeV pocket and reply “check.” Great jackets 🙂

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