Custom iFrogz Luxe Case for iPhone 3G & 3Gs Review

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Last week I told you about the launch of the new iFrogz Luxe custom case.

I personally love custom cases.  There’s nothing worse than being in a crowded room of iPhone users, looking around and seeing that many of them have on the same case you do.  It’s sort of like two stars who end up wearing the same dress on the red carpet of the Oscars.  It just isn’t pretty.

Being able to design your own color combination almost insures you will not run into that problem.

Well iFrogz was kind enough to let me go through the entire process of designing my own Luxe case and it recently arrived.

Let’s first go over the process you must complete in order to order you custom Luxe case.

First step, head to an AT&T Wireless store and pick up a custom iFrogz Luxe kit.  The kit, which sells for $39.99 includes a special code which you use when creating your case.  It also includes a clear case for you to use while waiting for your custom case to be created and shipped.

Once you have the kit and more importantly the code you have two options.

One, you can simply open your web browser and head to the special web site iFrogz has set up to help you create your custom case.

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Or you can choose option 2.  Open iTunes and download the special iPhone application iFrogz has developed for their custom case.

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Either method you choose results in a similar process thereafter.

First choose which color iPhone you have.  This allows you to really see how your case and iPhone will look together.

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Then using the arrows cycle through both the top part of the case and the bottom part until you find a color for each.

There are 25 colors from which to choose from.

For my case I tried to match the colors of the Gear Diary logo.


I used Teal for the top and Bright Blue for the bottom.

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Once you’ve got your colors selected you proceed to the payment page where you enter your shipping address and the code included in the packaging from the kit you purchased at AT&T.

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Most custom built cases take several weeks to arrive.  What’s different about the custom Luxe case is how fast the whole process takes.  I was informed my case had shipped less than 24 hours after I’d ordered it.

The case arrived in special “My Frogz” packaging.


At the top it’s stamped with a “custom designed by Larry” message.  Nice touch.


The inside of the Luxe case is lined with a black felt material to prevent the back of your phone from being scratched.


The case is a two piece, slider style case.  The two halves of the case slider together easily.


There is one large cutout along the side of the case for access to both the volume rocker and vibrate switch.


There is also a large cutout along the bottom for access to the dock connector port.


Along the top the case has individual cutouts for both the sleep/awake button and the headset jack port.


Previously versions of the Luxe case always caused my screen shield to bubble.  This time that was not the case.  I’m not sure if iForgz made a change to the Luxe or if I was just lucky.  Either way it was a nice surprise.


The case uses a small circular button to keep the two parts together.  I did find it a little difficult getting the case on and off but once done it fit quite well.


The Luxe case is a slim fitting slider style case that looks great.  iFrogz really stands behind it too.  Don’t like the colors you chose once you receive it?  You can send it back and exchange it for another.  I’ve never heard of such a thing when it comes to custom ordering.  Truly amazing.

If you looking for a custom that’s of your own design head down to your AT&T Wireless store and pick up one of the iFrogz Luxe custom kits.  You can learn more about the whole process here.

M.S.R.P. – $39.99

What I like – ability to choose from over 25 different colors to create your own custom case.

What I don’t like – tough to get on and off.

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