iGo Review: Stop Vampire Power from Sucking

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iGo Review: Stop Vampire Power from Sucking

Vampire power is the power your electronic devices use when they’re turned off.  Example:  You plug your digital camera into an electrical outlet to re-charge its battery.  Once the battery is fully charged the camera keeps taking power from the wall and attempts to give it to the camera’s battery even though it doesn’t need it.

iGo‘s new line of green power accessories seek to stop this wasted use of electricity.  This is turn should save you money in the form of less power used and a smaller electric bill as a result.

While at CES 2010 I met with iGo and they were kind enough to provide me with their Power Smart Wall charger.

The iGo Power Smart Wall is available for $29.99.

Click on through to see my video review of the device,  and then head here to learn more.

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