Titan TTC-G9TZ Notebook Cooler Review

A constant issue with notebook users is heat.  There are many products to assist in heat protection.  Some of these products are designed for protecting the user’s lap from heat and some for managing the temperature of the notebook.  These coolers come in many shapes and sizes, with or without fans and a variety of material.  Some are designed to be mobile while others are to be used on a desk and provide an improved typing angle.  The folks at Titan Technology Limited recently released a notebook cooler that combines all of these options in one product and provided me with a unit to review.

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I have had several laptop coolers each of which had at least one major flaw that ended their use.  One of them was plastic which would bend causing the fans to break.  Another was meant to be portable, but was clunky to carry around.  The Titan TTC-G9TZ has solved each of the issues of my former coolers in one package being fold-able, convertible and super light weight.  The package contains the aluminum pad, USB unit and retractable USB cord.

At first look, the cooler is quite attractive.  The aluminum pad is stylish and nicely matches the look of my 13″ MacBook Pro.  Several areas include black plastic accents that provide a non-slip surface.  Two vent areas increase airflow and sport a stylish design cut out.  What impressed me most about the cooler is not only is it attractive, but super thin and light.  It not only works well, but it looks good.

Lap use:

To use the notebook cooler on the lap all you need is the aluminum pad which folds in half for portability.  When closed, the unit is 6 3/4″ by 9″ and only 3/8″ thick.  I am carrying the TTC-G9TZ in my laptop backpack and it takes virtually no space and adds no weight.  While it is folded it snaps into place and holds nicely to maintain its small size.  It takes up much less than a sheet of paper.  When unfolded, the measurements are 13 3/8″ by 9″ and is rated for a 15″ laptop.  Two tabs are slid on each side locking it in the open position.  The cooler works very well when used on a lap.  It is under my MacBook as I type this.  Not only is the heat able to escape easier, there is no heating on my legs.  The soft underside of the unit prevents it from slipping and raises the comfort level.  The small size and portability will keep the TTC-G9TZ as a regular in my gear bag.

Desk use:

There are two options for using the cooler on a desktop.  By utilizing the provided USB fan unit, the computer may simply set directly on the unit, or the aluminum pad may be attached.  To attach the aluminum pad, two tabs are unfolded underneath the pad and slip into slots on the USB fan unit.  A simple snap locks it into place and the fit is perfect with no play in the connection.  To unlock the pad press the two buttons on the side of the USB fan unit and the pad releases instantly.  This conversion is quick and easy.  When the USB fan unit is connected, the back end of the laptop is raised providing a more forgiving keyboard angle for typing.  Two super quiet 8cm fans quickly cool the computer and connect via the supplied retractible USB cable.  An on/off toggle switch is included next to the USB connection but unfortunately no extra USB ports are included.  It would be nice to have a few USB ports included since one is used by the fans.  The fans work well and are virtually silent.  A huge improvement over other similar products I have tried in the past.

Final thoughts:

The Titan TTC-G9TZ is super portable when folded.  It is made of quality materials and sports a stylish appearance.  The quality of the build and design is far superior to any other similar product I have used.  Being able to convert the cooler from lap to desk use is convenient and makes the product usable in any notebook situation.  Everywhere my MacBook Pro goes, the TTC-G9TZ will be close by.  Check out more as well as other Titan products here at their website.  The TTC-G9TZ retails for $29.95.Titan TTC-G9TZ Notebook Cooler Review

What I like: Stylish looks, portability, convertible and quality.

What could be improved: I would like to see the USB unit act as a USB hub to replace the port being used.

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