Bluebeards Original: Look Like a Pirate Minus the Itch

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Bluebeards Original: Look Like a Pirate Minus the Itch Listen to this article

Bluebeards Original: Look Like a Pirate Minus the Itch

If you’ve ever tried to grow a beard you know the first few weeks are the toughest part.  Why?  It itches!  New hairs growing in on your face can be bothersome not only to you but to your family members as well.  I’ve let my beard grow before, sometime just out of laziness on the weekend, other times just for fun, but my family members often complain that it’s scratchy.  Especially when my daughters ask for a good-night kiss and my wife often catches me scratching and pawing at my scruffy face.

I recently stumbled across Bluebeard Original, who makes products for the “bearded man.”  They company is located less than five miles from my home.  Not too long ago I started to let my beard grow in so I figured I’d give their stuff a try.

The company makes two products.

First their Beard Wash:  The hair on your face needs the same sort of attention as the hair on your face.  But ordinary shampoos can leave your skin dry.  Bluebeard’s Beard Wash is a daily beard cleanser that’s made with Lime & Aloe.  First off it smells great but more importantly the lime helps break down the dirt and oil that’s trapped to your facial hairs and the aloe both soften and soothes your hair and skin.

Bluebeards Original: Look Like a Pirate Minus the Itch

Bluebeard’s other product is their Beard Saver:  Also made from Lime and Aloe the Beard Saver cream is meant to be used after washing.  It acts as an anti-itch agent and helps condition your beard for  new growth.  You simply dab a little into your hands and massage it through your beard and skin.  It leaves your face feeling soft and helps dissolve oils trapped by your whiskers.

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Bluebeards Original: Look Like a Pirate Minus the Itch

Both items are available directly from the Bluebeard web site here or you can check out their list of resellers.

The Wash sells for $14 and the Beard Saver for $24.  Buy both packaged together and you’ll save a bit at $36.

After using the Bluebeard Original products for two days my face feels refreshed for sure!

Bluebeards Original: Look Like a Pirate Minus the Itch

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