Sonance Wants to Provide Your Sound Garden

Sonance Wants to Provide Your Sound Garden

So you didn’t get picked for the latest episode of Yard Crashers. No worries, just record a bunch of episodes and copy what projects and techniques you fancy. And when it comes time for an outdoor sound system that blends into your suburban jungle, Sonance has you covered.

Sonance, the technology leader that introduced the world’s first in-wall loudspeaker is now shipping the acclaimed Sonance Landscape Series that debuted recently. The new 70V Sonance Landscape Series system of two-way satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofer has been designed with a long life UV stable material to withstand extreme weather.

The new two-way satellite speakers, the LS67SAT and LS47SAT, feature 0.75” integrated tweeters and power handling up to 25 watts at 70V. The LS67SAT incorporates a 6.0” woofer and the LS47SAT a 3.5” woofer. A variety of accessories featuring ¾” NEC threading are available for outdoor mounting schemes – tree mounts, 19” and 9” ground stakes and surface mount.

Sonance Wants to Provide Your Sound Garden
Sonance Wants to Provide Your Sound Garden

The LS10SUB In-Ground Subwoofer features a 10” woofer and 100 watts of power handling at 70V. The subwoofer enclosure material has been designed to either be buried or left exposed to the elements. A brown canopy is included to easily blend into the surrounding landscape.

In addition to the new Landscape Series speakers, Sonance will also be offering three Crown amplifiers featuring the most popular wattages for 70V systems, the CDi 4000, CDi 2000 and the CDi 1000. Each Crown amplifier purchased through Sonance will come preloaded with the Sonance SLSEQ, featuring 16 customized EQ’s designed specifically for the Sonance Landscape Series speakers.

Design services and on-site custom tuning is also available by contacting Sonance at [email protected].

LS47SAT Satellite Speaker USD $ 380.00
LS67SAT Satellite Speaker USD $ 720.00
LS10SUB In-ground Subwoofer USD $2,500.00

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